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Wear cool costumes and sing. Then I realized I don’t have the best voice, and decided to take up the piano instead. For a long time, I had plans of going to college and being a concert pianist, but then I got my book contract and everything changed. I’m still a teenager, so I know I have a few more years at least to figure out what I want to do with my life. I love to write, and take pictures, and play the piano, so I’ll probably pursue one or two of those.

You are clearly a gifted artist. I’m so excited to watch your career unfold!

If God told you that you’ll never publish another book, would you still keep writing?

Definitely. I didn’t start out writing just because I thought it would be published, or because I wanted to make money or become famous. Even today, I write simply because I love to write. It’s definitely a mental thing. Writing heals wounds and makes you feel better about even the saddest things. If God led me to the conclusion that writing was in some way harming my faith or family, I would probably give it up. But other than that, I can’t think of too many reasons why I would stop writing altogether. It’s such a part of who I am.


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Don’t want to get out of bed in the morning? Can’t wait to go to bed at night? Don’t want to do much of anything in between (including writing or posting anything on the blog)? This, dear people, is what they call a funk.

Funk – I am in you!

I know I am in a funk (or maybe just an especially nasty case of PMS) because I thought seriously about making a grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwich today. I’ve never made one. But doesn’t it sound heavenly?

Don’t worry – I am on the other side of the funk. I suspect it had something to do with being even more woefully behind at work than usual. But the big event that was making me behind is over and done with so I’m catching up and becoming funk-less.

I took in Hunger Games on Saturday.


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Writing a story

And I miss you...

Ukryć, Nigdy więcej ukrywania Twoich przestępstw, Nigdy wiecej Ciebie, Zdecydowałam już ...

I'll walk away with my dignity, (Aaaaaahhhh)
You can't take that away from me, (Aaaaahhhhh)

Odejdę z godnością ... Nie możesz mi jej zabrać !

No i cóż, cżyż to nie jest jak wprost z mojego życia ? Szczególnie jeszcze.Are happy =)
Yeah, I know, that I don't have to write 'happy', 'good', 'sad', 'bad'. But it's so hard to get used to new vocabulary =)
I don't have anything to write ... I have been writing this note for about 20 minutes :/ So, I must end it ;D Please, tell me in comments if I've made some mistakes. I'll be very thankful.

Geetings for:
- Dead Angel =)
-.Na 4. Pogadałąm troche z kolegami i z Ewelą, wogole miło było ;p Aż do przesady :/ Niektórzy są takimi dziećmi ... ale cóż. ;p

Boję się psów.
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Żyję, by kochać.
Kocham, by upadać.
Upadam, by wstać.
Wstaję, by żyć !

Yo know there are two sides of every story ...



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W którym chciałabyś zobaczyć siebie grającą w innym show . ?

AJ: Myślę, że charakter Zeppelin byłby fantastyczny. Myślę, że Tatiana [Maslany] to niesamowita aktorka. To nieustępliwe jednak powiedzieć, że mogę sobie wyobrazić kogoś jeszcze albo inną rolę, ponieważ każdy odgrywał swoją rolę tak dobrze .

AM: Widowisko.

Are you just concentrated on getting out your original stuff right now?

AJ: Pretty much concentrating on getting out the original stuff. I spent some time this year doing some writing all over which was really wicked. I finished the album of all me and my brother's songs, all originals and they [the record company] got it and... it's very artistic and it's very hard to be.

Something that my music will fit into. I love really epic films. Films that really hit the heart like Braveheart and Casablanca. I love my music to be able to accompany it well and propel the story. That'd be awesome.

AM: I know you've had moments where you were watching a movie or something and maybe saw a part and gone, "Oh my gosh, my song would have been so.