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What the world needs now is love

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No to czesc i czołem (czy coś) :D

What the world needs now...
is love, sweet loveee:D

hyyh :D



2004-03-20 secret-mind 16:35:22
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**...What the World Needs Now is Love sweet Love...**
To piękne słowa piosenki Dionne Warwick. Ta piosenka jest poprostu.

Puszka Pandory - Onet.pl Blog

...potwór, czy nie potwór?...
...urocze myszki...
...pomóż pechowcowi...
Your thumb in your mouth
I could creep up beside put a gun in your mouth
Makes me sick when I hear all the shit that you say
So much crap coming out it must take you all day

There's a space left in.On the seat
With a spike in the chair just to make it complete
When you look at yourself do you see what I see
If you do why the fuck are you looking at me

Why the fuck why the fuck are you looking.Hurry up cos I find you obscene
We can't wait for the day that you're never around
When that face isn't here and you rot underground

Can't believe your were once just like anyone else
Then you grew.Scum, you are scum and I hope that you know
That the cracks in your smile are beginning to show
Now the world needs to see that it's time you should go
There's no light in your eyes and your brain is too slow

Let's swim to the moon...

His thoughts to himself, he'd be leaving soon
Wishing he was miles and miles away
Nothing in this world nothing would make him stay

Since he was small, had no luck at all
Nothing came easy to.Kciuki za was, pierwszolicealiści i trzeciogimnazjaliści :) Tym pierwszym życzę szybkiego odnalezienia się w nowym towarzystwie, znajomości na kolejne 3 lata (w moim wypadku na 4 ;) ) i dobrych wyborów, nie tylko w.

Wegen mir hast du vor Wut geweint,
wegen mir hast du dich selbst zum Feind.
Es ist meine Schuld, du kannst nichts dafür.
Ich bin die Hoffnung und du stirbst mit mir.

I would try to change
The things that killed our love
Yes, I've hurt your pride and I know
What you've been through
You should give me a chance
This can't be the end
I'm still loving.
Sonata Arctica - Still loving you
Time, it needs time
To win back your love again
I will be there, I will be there
Love, only love
Can bring back your love someday
I will be there, I.