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By NRJ Berlin and as we had been there before in 2008 and we had lots of fun then, I had been waiting for that evening for quite some time. Riku was already in Berlin a few days before with some friends and I was kind of shocked when he called me the day before that the weather was really cold and windy over there. What happened to the nice German summer??? We had all the special kind of warm stage clothes and stuff with us and we actually even bought some more down town. On the afternoon we went to Vapioano (again;) to have a good lunch.

Finnair sandwiches taste good! Last time they served cranberry chicken – Yammy!! -  and now it was this great mayonnaise-tuna. Mmmmm…)


After these two festivals in Austria and the two shows in Mannheim Germany, I will stay in Central Europe for a few weeks. Or even more south, depends on the weather. Lucerne, Lakes of Italy, Croatia, something. We have 3 shows at the end of next week and I don’t mind driving a bit with a fast German car.


Thank you everyone so much for the great.

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In Warsaw, Poland.

After being under the sun and enjoying lovely springtime in Buenos Aires, the weather in Europe came as a shock to me. It’s really damn cold already!

Today was the first day of the.

Lodz - codziennie od nowa! A new photo daily!

Lodz is famous for. It's a popular and cheap mean of transport along Piotrkowska Str. giving a great opportunity to see intresting buildings and enjoy the atmosphere of the street in fifteen minutes. No matter the weather you can choose a rikshaw that has a rain protection or the one that is perfect for sunbathing and recording a movie. 

Park sprawia wrażenie nieco mrocznego, tajemniczego, kręte alejki, mostki i masa drzew dębowych, które właśnie gubią swoje liście tworzą niezwykłą atmosferę. W roku 2007 firma ogrodnicza Briggs & Stratton opublikowała lauretów konkursu Best Europe's Park, w którym łódzki park.

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