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Today is the day

Blog Ulencja91

And about and I hear a shout.
Start running away and round about.
Quarter past five, I'm feeling alive,
Thinking of the past and my future life, today...

Is the day when the sun's gonna shine.
Everybody's life signed on the dotted line.
Quarter past five, I'm feeling shite.
I wonder if it even makes a difference to cry
(Oh no)
So this is goodbye

I've been here before
One day a week
And it won't hurt anymore
You caught me in a lie
I have no alibi
The words you say don't have a meaning

I still don't have the reason
And you don't have the time
And it really makes me wonder
If I ever gave a f**k about you and I...
and so this is goodbye

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I give up ... :(

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2005-04-18 21:09:53
... today is the day i'll die ...

You know the happiest day of my life,
I swear the happiest day of my life is the day that I die ...

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J. (4)

Obiecałem sobie kiedyś, że napiszę o Joannie; obiecałem - i rzekłem sobie dzisiaj po powrocie z Bunkra Sztuki: tak, today is the day, dzisiaj to zrobię. I co?

I westchnąłem nad klawiaturą, ale tak dogłębnie, jakoś tak z serca, i z brzucha trochę też, i pomyślałem.

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Angel came down from heaven, yesterday
she stayed with me just long enough to rescue me
and she told me a story yesterday
about the sweet olve between the moon and the deep blue sea
and then she spread her wings high over me
she said she's going to come back tomorrow
sure enough this mornin' came unto me
silver wings silhouetted against a child's sunrise
and my angel she said unto me
"today is the day for you to rise
take my hand your goin' be my man, your goin' rise"
and then she take me high over yonder
and i said fly on my sweet.