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Time after time lyrics

Herbata Paranoiczna

A magical shield where there are no changes. And I’m waiting now. For what? I really don’t know. I sometimes look at it and cry that it had no chance to grow more.

This is my love.

And when I think of it, sounds like this, even parts of lyrics fits (do not watch the video, I meant the music):

(wolne tłumaczenie ze słuchu i wedle serca)


Love, the younger, is the self-sown. A seed flight to my heart with the spring wind and grew by itself. It had the sun and water to grow and when I realized it was there, it became very strong. I did not snatched it. I was looking at it with a smile on my face. But after that the storm has come and I started to think how I could protect this love. The storm came and gone and the plant was still on its place. During this time the weather and other conditions were great and shoot became stronger and stronger and began to take nutrients from the first love.

I know, this second love has bad influence on first. But when I saw the wilting symptoms for the first time I started to.

Rockin' Lady - Onet.pl Blog

06 lipca 2006

Ech...ciekawe co to będzie z tymi wakacjami...

Wczoraj 15 miesięcy z moim Robusiem:*


jak ten time szybko leci...

Kieca się już.

It's called easy living
This is a place I've never seen before
And I've been forgiven

Easy living, and I've been forgiven
Since you're taking your place in my heart

Somewhere along the lonely road
I had tried to find you
Day after day on the winding road
I have walked behind you

Waiting, watching, wishing my whole life away
Feeling, fainting, ready for my happy day

Somewhere along the lonely road
I had tried to find you
Day after day on the winding.
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Blog anialand

You don't want to believe it but you see it happening
Wakes you up out of your sleep, out of the dreams you're
(Looking for his return)
(Hoping that he's gonna learn)
Wake up and realize the truth, make some time for you
What's he trying to do to you
Miss him more as days go by
Try your hardest not to cry and keep hope alive
'Cause in your mind, you're still together
Thought it would last but there's no forever
Walked out on you with no.Losu. to byl fragment tekstu z mojego innego bloga. nie myslalam wtedy ze wpadne jak "sliwka w kompot". chce go odzyskac, ale nie wiem czy jest to mozliwe, poza tym czy odwaze sie na to zeby do niego odezwac sie?

Jennifer Lopez - He'll Be Back Lyrics
I know better than anybody how it feels to want somebody so bad
after you break up
(Looking for that phone call)
(Even when they don't)
Still ain't ready to walk away and call it all over
Act like you wasn't listening when they told ya
They don't wanna be with you anymore

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absolutely gorgeous
Just_Ashia (23:18)
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Nadzieję, że chociaż film okaże się fajny.
Just_Ashia (14:14)
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Huge Grant w "Music and Lyrics" jest genialny, chociaż śpiewać to on nie potrafi. Idealny film na babski wieczorek z.

"It's a basic truth of the human condition that everybody lies. The only variable is about what."

“Don't spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door.”

"I can remember days when the air was clean and sex was dirty."

“When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I've never tried before.”