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Thanksgiving menu

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,,gwóźdź programu" (dzisiejszych ogłoszeń parafialnych):
Ellen wpadła na niezły pomysł; mianowicie film krótkometrażowy z udziałem m.in. Justina Longa (znany z filmu ,,Kobiety pragną bardziej" oraz ,,Zack i Miri kręcą porno";prywatnie partner Drew Barrymore). Tytuł filmu to ,,Crappy Canadian Thanksgiving":
Ostatnim punktem dzisiejszej notki jest news pochodzący z Filmweb.pl:

2009-10-08 14:24
Ellen Page tworzy serial dla HBO
Ellen Page,.
Filmografia Ellen:

  • 2009 Whip it-Bliss
  • 2008 Smart People-Vanessa
  • 2007 Kamienny anioł-Arlene
  • 2007 An American Crime-Sylvia
  • 2007 Juno-Juno McGuff
  • 2006 X Men Ostatni Bastion-Kitty
  • 2005 Pułapka-Hayley
  • 2005 Przypadki.

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2 szukajcie a znajdziecie 2006-04-04 "'From too much love of living, 
From hope and fear set free, 
We thank with brief thanksgiving 
Whatever gods may be 
That no life lives forever; 
That dead men rise up never; 
That even the weariest river 
Winds somewhere safe to sea.'" 

J. London, Martin Eden


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28 listopada 2008
Happy Birthday Miley!!! // Teledysk // American Music Awards // Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade // Killing Me Softly With His Height // Taniec z Gwiazdami // Candids //.

Koncert w Berlinie // Candids // Bolt // Skany

Wybiło 3000 odwiedzin na moim blogu!!! Trochę dużo,ale myśle,że do świąt więcej się uzbiera..Niedawno na blogu powstała ramka Menu , w której znalazły się informacje o Miles i o blogu.Zapraszam!!!!!


In my belly, and rest assured I will take this up with my docs. But enough about my GI track…

Get thee to Great Sea restaurant post haste. This joint has some sublime Chinese chow. Now, I have no idea if its authentic or regional or anything like that. I just know its good. Upon first glance at the menu, its nothin special. Just your usual Chinese take out fare. But lordy lordy, the execution of these dishes really sets this place apart.

Take for example, this Wonton soup.(Apologies all around for the crappy quality of my phone pics.) Its lightly salty, chicken-ish broth is nice, but its all the.

Or another orange liquour to Champagne, with a splash of cranberry juice added for color. Garnish with a mint leaf and or a fresh cranberry.

A tasty treat! If you’d like more info on me, my business, or my “funny little cancer blog”, check out the post before this one from Thanksgiving.

Here’s the Rose bubbly I mentioned on the show today to go with shrimp cocktail and/or ribs. Deeeelish .

Tune in to WGN tomorrow to catch me on Steve’s Christmas Show! I’ll be featuring the Domaine Carneros Brut 2004.