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Tell me more english

(: Justyszonkowy żółty świat :)

All), Żyłka.And for people in my links.For all big kiss.(Don't miss my kiss hehe)
Bye :*
P.S. I know (everything) in this note are many mistakes, but you will forgive me, won't you?
:D :* :D :* :D :* :D :* :D :* :D :*
jtk 2004-03-07 13:47:34
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International Days

Npisze tym razem po polsku ale.

[: More lies about the world :]

Oh, so long time I haven't written a note.But now I menaged to write it, but...as you see in English(hehe English power).I'm so crazy but no so lazy jeah..
On Wednesday I had a competition, an English competition. "Fox" for inquiring people :].It was(the competition) one big wrong bleh. Who can tell me who was the first wear jeans?? One kiss for each good answer :*.
Today I was supposed to go ice-skateing, but I didn't :(.It's close!! Damn ice-skateing cometition !!

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Strona główna it ain't easy...(survival of the fittest)
why am I writin it in english(heh not in perfect cambridge one but in "rubish" english known better as american english)??? maybe cause I'm just in a mod for it or maybe there are other reasons for it...but.Hell my topic says "it ain't easy..."...it is so cause thing not allways are like we would wished them to be...sometimes things are hard for me as usually it works in a strange way...the more I try and care...the bigger is the pain...but I hope that wont be like this all my life... we should be tough and willing to tackle all obstacles that our lifes are creatin for.Couple of weeks sosignificant(damn I used this word secnd time in a short period...seems like my language is gettin poorer...)??? not what...but Who??? that happines is a result of my metin of That(do I mean the one or just that particular girl by this??? I know but wont tell ya...but I only hope that U know the answer for this...) girl...that moment three weeks ago changed my life and raped(in a positive way of this word...cause I started to believe in.

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Zrozumieć matmę z której jutro ma spr,ale chyba nic takiego nie wyszło...
cóż kończę...i czekam na min.6 komętów
"Always stays the same, nothing ever changes,
English summer rain seems to last for ages.
Always stays the same, nothing ever changes,
English summer rain seems to last for ages.
I'm in the basement, you're in.> Placebo evening

"Get real
It seems
When you're here I see something rotten
The stinks
Are here
It's guaranteed all is forgotten
Tell me
Tell me
It's clear
Perhaps you have forgotten
Don't fear..." Something Rotten by Placebo

Sonia dziś spędziła bardzo miły dzień.najpierw przyjechał do niej jej mąż i uczył mnie historię,przynajmniej przez chwilę.Potem oglądali "włamanie na śniadanie".Następnie do nich dołączyli DJ i Baryua,i oglądali "Once more with feeling" i połowę koncertu"Live i Paris"!!!Oczywiście nie obyło się bez podnieceń DJ i Soni na widok chłopaków z Placebo.W między czasie dochodziło do spekulacji na.

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2006-01-11 22:28:18 >> NO tak

My dear Anna

It's been quite some time since I last wrote something here,but You can't blame me.Nothing really happened,or maybe things happened but I didn't find the time to write about the happenings.So that's about it for the entrance.I just grasped an idea.I want to end this blog! but on the other hand,it's nothing more than virtual reality,so no need to worry,nothing will really happen.I guess?

It's been a hard week I must admit it.All those fuckin' teachers trying to squeze the last.
That's a diffrent stroy.The care about every aspect of my private life.starting from my grades,ending on the dust on desk.And that really sucks.Hope they'll survive when I'll tell them about my grade from maths.Good thing I don't have to pass it on my matura exam.I'd be dead meat!

That's all if school's concerned,well,maybe a couple of jerks are bothering me,but het...I don't give a shit.

I guess I wanted to write a whole lot of other things,but can't seem to find a way to write them in english. That's a plus of this language.I love it:)

Ech..In the end of my letter I'd just like to tell You,that no matter how hard it gets,and how many meters we'll have to.