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  • healthsouth scandal summary

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  • Portal spółek z o.o.


    Tagi: kupno spółki spółek z oo spółka z oo sprzedam spółkę sprzedaż gotowych spółek sprzedaż spółek
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    niedziela, 08 maja 2011
    Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością


    Ja Ja i Tylko Ja!

    dała mi taką ładną bransoletkę, super :) ;)

    Tagi: no to kiedy sie narzeczona zjawi czyli ale wtopa!
    20:37, olawikasylwia
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    Które imie lepsze? ładniejsze????

    Luelle (Lułel) - książka Cóka Czarownic, czy Louise (Lułis) - wikatoja (1d) lub fankasims. A nudzi mi siem wienc dałam takom sonde. :)

    Luelle czy Louise??????????????

    Tagi: luelle czy louise
    15:55, olawikasylwia
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    wtorek, 03 kwietnia 2012
    Streszczenie Everyone as Lexi 6 - Summary Life After DEATH 2 :*

    the tales of the white fang

    Bad. the whale also had problems with the fact that I invited here the whole time - and this is a quotation - "polish people, gypsies and drug dealers". The only two persons which have been in my apartment are an italian friend, and the grandmother of my girlfriend. So what would you do after hearing nonsense like this? What more can I say? this gives a nice look into the whole situation. with other words: no matter what I do, everything is wrong. oooh, just remembered: I'm also a criminal in her opinion. Of course cause I'm polish. sweet.

    short summary of the last days looks following:

    monday: octavio comes over to help us resolve the conflict. octavio is a friend of the owner of the flat (she's spanish, and lives in barcelona). I have the second mediation in my life (greetings mister Milde!) and after my flatmate screams, attacks both of us, cries, admits she has mental problems (!!!) and at the end says that I'm the best flatmate she ever had, I thought the problem is resolved and we can try to leave in peace again.

    Trapped in a box

    Vampire Hunter D

    Anime Movie: Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

    Creator: Hideyuki Kikuchi, Asahi Sonorama

    Director: Yoshiaka Kawajiri

    Genre: Action, Drama, Romance, Horror

    Rating: 8 out of 10

    Review: I really liked this movie. The artwork is nice. There is lots of action and a romantic plot. The music is good as well. The English voices are actually decent in this one because the director was involved in the process, planning for it to be produced in English. This was not aimed as a continuation of Vampire Hunter D, rather, it was based off of a different novel.


    A beautiful girl is stolen from her bedroom at night and whisked away in a carriage. Having no luck in finding her, her father and brother resort to hiring vampire hunters to search her out and return her to them. They hire a well-known team of humans, then they hire D (a half vampire) as well for good measure. The hunters follow the carriage across much dangerous country. When the kidnapped girl, Charlotte, steps outside the carriage for a walk, D is able to talk to her. He discovers that she is not a captive at all. In fact, she is in love with the vampire, Meier, and the two of them were running away together. Although a very powerful.

    Monitorpolski's Blog

  • zenobiusz 16 Marzec 2012 o 12:13 am

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