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Split second

No power in the 'verse can stop me

Run over, cigarette still in hand and the focus of an NME interview with the headline "I'm At Complete Odds With Everything".

Z ust Grahama Coxona:

Being run over is quite scary,actually -You have that split second when you say 'ooh, crikey!' shut your eyes, grit your teeth and bounce off the bonnet. I had to ask a copper if I was dead.

(about alcohol) Chocolate does the same thing to your happy centres. But you can't have ten Mars Bars.

savage - Onet.pl Blog

Atmosphere, the mysterious plan of revenge, preparations etc. And when they've started their torturing the movie went from "holy shit interesting" to "wtf another "Saw", "Hostel" flick?".
Damn, talking about wasted potential.
OK, the second part of the movie looks like this:
1) they're torturing the cool kids one by one
2) the black guy is released by the Hindu guy ('cause they're friend OKAY?)
3) the Hindu kid is killed by the leader of depraved Dane (DD - don't.The police, comes back and all the people end up shooting themselves. To death. Except the black guy who survives. WoW - the movie creators tried to break the general rule. And as you can see - it didn't work at all ;(

So, I guess I have to split the grade into 2 parts, so:
1) the 1st part gets a really strong 7/10 - tenebrous setting, the thrilling anticipation of THE FINAL, but...
2) when it really should've got really interesting it begun to suck hard, so a 3/10 (for the sexy.

my god... - blog odwrotny

Myślałem czy i ja kiedyś wpadnę na nieznajomą.....
odwrotny 2003-06-22 21:46:55 skomentuj (2)

wiersz po innemu (może po angielsku)
Wybaczyć mi mój angilelski

no hand

Second soul, beacoming blur
I wath over you, like you done not once
many times
An old pine, loner,... amid the fields
during tears flowing down
and clatter against my boot
the pine say - why do you come here?
Why you're not there...
Wind told me you've get lost
Now I'm in town.
I split coat from the wall
and wait for apprioprate light...
I'll have to make a picture
and thinking of you
odwrotny 2003-06-22 23:07:17 skomentuj (1)
Już wiem czemu ciągle.

Sport według Olbrota

"When I flipped at the 50 and I still saw how far ahead he was, and he was the world record holder, a thought really crossed my mind for a split second: There's no way," Lezak said. "And then I changed. I said, 'You know what? That's ridiculous. It's the Olympics and I'm here for the United States of America. And I don't care how bad it hurts or whatever. I'm just just gonna go.