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Since i don't have you

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Life from me were quite disconcerning.I wish I was a bit smarter,I mean.I am.But.Oh yeah,whatever,I don't give a shit about my IQ anyway.I don't give a shit about loads of things.But hey,it's just.Really sucks.Hope they'll survive when I'll tell them about my grade from maths.Good thing I don't have to pass it on my matura exam.I'd be dead meat!

That's all if school's.
2006-01-11 22:28:18 >> NO tak

My dear Anna

It's been quite some time since I last wrote something here,but You can't blame me.Nothing really happened,or maybe things happened but I didn't find the time to.


Self destructive, deathrocker she become. I have it good, very good, and I'm grateful, but since the age of seven, I've become hateful towards all humans in general. Only because it seems.Makes me feel too fucking sad. The sad little sensitive unappreciative pisces Jesus man! why don't you just enjoy it? I dont know! I have a of a wide who sweats ambition and empathy, and a daughter who reminds me to much of what I.

nigdy aniołem nie będę.

I look so pretty when I am sad
Since there's any news from you
Day by day passes like a silent storm
And I have.
Strangers arrived to the city of sun
And she looks pretty pretty sad

I don't look damaged, when I am sad
But who knows how sadness looks alike
Maybe it's.

It's got a lot of sun in it's hair
But i prefere to be frog on the dessert
But have you have you have you there

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don't give me a name... i'm living in lie

Oczy juz nie widziały mnie. Nie chciałam wierzyć , że to dzieje się. Szkoda, że teraz wiem ile w jego myślach było mnie.
skomentuj 2010-01-05
Czas na.

skomentuj 2010-01-06
- i don't love you any more
- since when?
- since now. i would have loved you forever, now.
Talking fuck off

bo to tak jakby ktoś Cię zabił
skomentuj 2010-01-22