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01 czerwca 2008 12:54

1.When leading a horse,you should walk directly in front of it to show it where to go:
-false ***

2.When you clip or shave off a section of the horse's mane right behind it's ears,this is called a:
-bridle path ***
-hunter clip
-trace clip
-ear clip

3.When you tie your horse to a post, you should: Spróbujcie albo jedno, albo drugie...(pamiętajcie, że zawsze możecie użyć opcji "wstecz" i pozostałe zaznaczenia nie znikną raczej...):
-none of these *** to...

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What i'm doing right now: i'm working in a language school in london. i just had my friend cypiz coming over. we now enjoy london as much as we can. i should be taking some pictures shortly, so you will be the first ones to see them. i'm aware of the fact that some of you are quite angry with me because i have completely forgoten about my web log and i had no time to update the mp3 section as well. i want to make it up to you, i just have the hardest time thinking how to do it. if you think of something - let me know. so, as i said before, pictures shoud be here soon. far enough. let's change the subject from what i don't do onto what i do do ;)
except working very hard i have had some time to enjoy some sights of london. i haven't seen too many things.I promise. all i do now is:
sleeping until 10 a.m. cause i start work at 11 a.m., watching television till late night every day (i do recommend the graham norton show - boy, he knows how to make you die laughing)
during the weekend (i've had only one so far) i didn't do a thing. well, not mentioning picking up cypiz from victoria coach station and going over to percy's (an 80 year old friend from natural history museum) to help him with his computer.
thank you all for the text messages and phonecalls i am receiving , not to mention the e-mails. i am trying to answer them all, but it takes some time. don't get angry with me. i will contact you as soon as i can. ok, i will write something more readable soon. sorry for all the crap said in this.


Jest ważne, że czuje sie dobrze w swojej skórze. Kiedy nie czuje się pewna siebie, powinno
sie bylo spróbować potem zmienić sie. Lub dużo lepiej jeszcze, uczyć sie prostej drogi.

Komentarzy: 9 Zarobki Monrose na rok w porównaniu do innych .... 2007.08.18 11:39

Nevio: 7.000-15.000€
Sarah Connor: 80.000€
Killerpilze: 15.000€
Komentarzy: 13 Tekst piosenki " Hot summer" 2007.08.14 11:16 Hot, hot, hot, hot
Hot, hot, hot, hot

They're placin' me here in the bad girls section
I got a new dress
And that look is perfection
I mean to do
So a hot producer
But i can tell he's just a stuck up loser

I keep it composed
Just wanna rip off my clothes
I wanna give out a toast
To do so freakin a mode

I got a feeling and i just cant let it go
Now i cant stop it baby let's get.