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Safe and sound

# your image in the mirror speaks... #

♫ safe and sound >> niedziela, 27 stycznia 2008 14:57:26

Maybe this is forever
Forever fades away
Like a rocket ascending into space
Could you not be sad


Jeszcze ten swiat jest piekny. Badz uwazny, staraj sie byc szczesliwy.'

(Tekst znaleziony w starym kosciele
w Baltimore *1692*)

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safe and sound...

2004-09-15 19:21:56 >> safe and sound...

zimno mi... ;)

znów sie zgubiłam...

jaki jest sens?... to pytanie ciagle brzmi... i ciagle.

nie ma mnie

You're with me
Til the bitter end
What we had transcends
This experience
Too painful to
Talk about
So I'll hold it in
Til my heart can mend
And be brave enough to love again

A place in time
Still belongs to us
Stays preserved in my mind
In the memories there is solace

Never too far.Tighter to my faith
And I live one more day
And I make it through the rain

And if you keep falling down
Don’t you dare give in
You will arise safe and sound
So keep pressing on steadfastly
And you’ll find what you need to prevail
Once you say

I can make it through the rain
I can stand up once.

I'm standing on a stage of fear and self-doubt. It's a hollow play, But they'll clap anyway.

Forget you guys at all.
All day long i was so depress i don't know what the hell is really wrong with me, but i do know one thing for sure and that is, i feel locked out of this world, and i always let shit get to me but this year am going to try really hard not to let shit and dumb whores get to me because am way better than that. But that's not really why i feel the way. and...

"i still believe that after every storm,
a rainbow eventually appears
And if you keep falling down,
Don't you dare give in.
You will arise, safe and sound.
So keep pressing, On steadfastly,
And you'll find what you need,
To prevail.
What you say is...
I can make it through the rain.
I can stand.


Hold tighter to my faith.
And I live one more day,
And I make it through the rain.

And if you keep falling down,
Don't you dare give in.
! You will arise, safe and sound.
So keep pressing..."

A tak czasami się czuje-
"I was lonely,
I needed someone, to see me threw,
I was at the, end of my rope,
I needed.

Wentworth Miller - Onet.pl Blog

16 Sierpnia 2008r telewizja FOX ujawniła tytuły Prison Break 4 sezonu. Oto one:

4x01 Scylla
4x02 Breaking and Entering
4x03 Shut Down
4x04 Eagles and Angels
4x05 Safe and Sound
4x06 Blow Out
4x07 Five the Hard Way
4x08 The Price
4x09 Greatness Achieved
4x10 The Man Comes Around
4x11 All in Favour
4x12 Wrong Turn
4x13 Fallout

Wentworth Miller - Onet.pl Blog

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Safe and Sound