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Rough boy

Fly away? No, I'll stay!

Nowa notka! A tak niedawno była poprzednia. Jesteście pewnie przestraszeni i myślicie sobie: "Boże! Ta wariatka będzie nas zanudzać jeszcze częściej?!". Ano będę. Co ja poradzę, lubię, to piszę.

"You were everything, everything, that I wanted"
"He wasn't what i wanted!"

Tak dla porównania :P.

He was a boy
She was a girl
Can I make it anymore obiouvs?
He was a punk
She did ballet
What more can I say?
He wandet her
She'd never tell
Secretly she wandet him as well

Thanks, Avril :*
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2006-04-16 19:46:11 >> Wesołych!

La la la la yeah
La la la la yeah.
I coulda been like all the others
Is that what im supposed to do?

It woulda been really stupid
If I woulda went home with you
To give you everything you wanted
It woulda been way to soon?

I try to be sensitive
I try to be tough
I try to walk away
I try to be innocent
I try to be rough
But I just wanna play

You're my daydream
You know that I've been thinking about you..lately
And everytime I look at you
I can't explain how I feel inside
I can't get away you're my daydream

And you know and you know
And you know and you know
You're making me insane

Lady Gaga - Onet.pl Blog

Płyta ,, The Fame "
Uwielbiam tę płytę. Są w niej takie piosenki :

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Najbardziej lubię 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 11, 13.
Płyta jest bardzo fajna można ją słuchać w nieskończoność. Zachęcam do kupienia.

Anta i Anżeła
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† Father Lucifer, you never looked so sane... †

O Ayi? czemu Youji wydaje mi się bliżshy od Kena? CZEMU SCHULDICH WYDAJE MI SIĘ SEXY??? ____-____ A CO GORSHA... TO!

You could be having sex with...

So,you feel like playing, huh? Then Ken's your man. He makes it lots of fun without
being too rough. Plus, he's an athlete. You just know he's got staying

Which Weiß Kreuz Boy Could You Be Having Sex With?@Weiß Versa

już jestem spokojna. chyba. avatar (jakby ktoś chciał żebym mu jakiś zrobiła, proshę dać znać). czy czuję się winna? za to, że świętom w moim domu nie towarzyshy odpowiednia atmosfera? za to, że zdmuchując ten płomień, odebrałam komuś życie? za to, że Aya... nie. nie czuję się winna..

- * ~ P o d z i e l o n ą l a t a r n i ą~ * -

With the other I reach to his belt. His hand are to busy fighting for his breath so taking of his pant is no work at all."So easy today, love. Sometimes I think you really like it." I reach between his flailing legs and grab his croch in a harsh hold. The sqeal that leaves his lips has my Lust on her toes. I look into his eyes. So scared, puffy red. "Will you be a good boy for me? I won't hurt you more than necesery." You don't answear me right away. I sqeez my prize harder. Oh, how sweet are your cries. Breathless, chocked but still they pierce my very soul.
"Open those legs for me love, let me see you." I have you well in my grasp. "So obedient." I whisper as tremblong legs open to mi questing fingers. I caress his buttock..

Only in Him my Emotions can merge back to Passion and waken Love.
"Shh..." I whisper in his hair. "Shh...".
His tremblong body, his breath, so loud in my ears. With every thrust, every twitch I find myself more at ease. "Do you love me? Do you adore me as much as I adore you?" I ask him after my Passion is spent and all that remains is Love. Love making me caress his head, hug him close, kiss his swollen, bloody lips."Love?..." I ask him again. And Furry twitches in his sleep under my skin making my fingers dig into his arm. "Love...". And I feel his hand cover mine. And then I hear his whisper, his voice rough from screaming, from the strangeling.

"I do."
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