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Haiku - co chwila nowe olśnienie

I discover
the unpaid bill   /rn

making a paper boat
rain, rain and more rain   /jm

drinking beer
in the sidewalk café...
amber moon   /jm

the glass half empty
of my worries   /rn

kids away—
clothes on the floor
not theirs   /rn

after the wedding party
the gruffness of her voice   /jm

again and again
I check my GPS...
December mist   /jm

anniversary photo—
your dress whiter than snow   /rn

long distance call—
the smooth surface
of the receiver   /rn

hidden stars...
I can't write a love song   /jm

wedding night
our bedroom filled
with his snoring   /jm

gallery window—
watching the launch of autumn   /rn

Halloween sale—
the moon is out
of her reach   /rn

wind festival...
feng shui bell falls silent   /jm

oncology ward lounge—
not a single
medical magazine   /jm

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