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Ready or not lyrics


what are your lyrics, native belle?

To, ze cos tam we mnie ma ku temu powody. powody, mnie samej tej swiadomej jeszcze nie do konca znane.

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oh, has the world changed or have i changed? >>

life used to be different. world looked different, lights looked more blury, quicker, more colours, more people, voices, sounds, more feeling, more.My mind and deep there in me, in my heart. those desires, those wantings, those dreams, everything was just so rapid, so sharp, so perfect.
i was living fast and i was born ready.

is it my fault now, again?
did i wanted too much? or is it just the fact that i wanted something at all?
too badly, too fast.
is it really just.Się cieszę.
nie mogę się doczekać.

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dalej trochę paryż >>
i play piano with my eyes closed, cause i don't want to see you're not here.
the room looks empty.
and besides, when i don't see the notes i play better.

damn, i miss you so fucking much. take me out of here.

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Go o piractwo. Czuł ból ale nic nie mówił. Już zbyt dużo dał się jej.
-Oto mój dom- oznajmiła Courtney pokazując na sporą posiadłość. Przy domu rosły drzewa oraz różne kwiaty. Wszystko było utrzymane w czystości i gdy podeszli do drzwi otworzyła je kobieta w starszym wieku:
-Ty żyjesz!- krzyknęła niemal tuląc Courtney.That I'm still Blainerific!
Heather i Courtney:Ona nie jest sławna!          Heather and Courtney: She's not so famous
Okazuje się, że nie jest tak sławna!                  Turns out she's not.Ready to set sail!
Duncan:Po prostu młotkiem w                     Duncan:.Courtney: He's got such a great voice!
Nie moge zrozumieć słów, mów głośniej!        I can't make out the lyrics, speak up!

.:Sail on...through the night:.

Ever let go
You have your own special way,
Of turning the world so it's facing
The way that I'm going
Don't ever stop.

Whose seen the wind not you or I,
But when the ship moves she's passing by
Between you and me I really don't think,
She knows where she's going at all.

You have your. Ya get ya issue when ya playin' with me
I'll crawl at the spot that ya sleep
Get with my niggas from the block and we creep
Load it up cock it back and get ready
Make sure you be holdin' it steady
Nigga listen up to what we gon' do
I'm about to give the game to you
That's the reason why I came to you
.Cut over basement tracks,with raps that got you backing this up like,rewind that we're just rolling with the rhythm,rise from the ashes of stylistic division, with these non-stop lyrics of life living,not to be forgotten but still unforgiven!Love ya,US!!

Say no more, 'Banky' gonna lay down the law
Got Hoodz that's quick on the draw to sick em on y'all
Them broads that you sweatin, I don't stick em no more
We import dimes from Singapore, bang em on tour
Run down to Sean John, we gon order some more
You got, ones in your crib, then I'm outside your door

I don't need ya playa hatin' on Juvey (ya understand)
Don't be talkin' about what.

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" The release date for Alexz's single depends on when the video is ready.. which could take a month or two. If the video is ready in December it may make sense to wait till after the holidays to release it.. but no firm decision has been made! "


AJ: I know I'm kind of bad with the blogging situation but it's so close, at this point I'm just waiting on a release date and I feel like there's nothing that I can really say yet that you guys don't already know which is we signed with Epic/Sony, so excited to get it out there and yeah, I gotta get better with the blogging.

Doing your own thing musically. When you stick to your guns about your passions and doing something that's different and not following suit to everything else that's on the radio or not following suit to what sells records. I think it kind of gets more difficult. You really have to stay true to who you are as an artist. My journey to get there is worth it.

Album finally releases this year, what would you like people to take from it?

AJ: Hopefully [people will] love it and enjoy it and just connect through the lyrics and connect through it in some way and hopefully heal something. It's [music] healed me before. I'm not out to explode, I want to make great music and consistently make.