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Why Ninjas dont wear iPods

Touch ok?
As long as I live, I could never understand all that bunch of freak funs who devoted all theirs lifes to some movie or music star. They say they love this person, that they can't live without it, they have their room full of posters or some gadget and are acting like some weird groupies whenever they see this star. And they ofcourse missunderstanding the reality from fiction and thinks that the actor who plays they favourite character is actually the figure which they adore. I think it's a litte nuts... And altough I love anime, Japan and have my own piece of posters on my wall, I don't think I'm crazy as they are. No, don't get me wrong, I AM crazy, but not THAT crazy. Here's some japanese fan who loves Harry Potter... See for yourself if you could act like she is, if you would ever meet in person your own star.
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YGO The.

Szczęśliwy...Zwariowany- Świat US5 - bloog.pl

Info: US5Online.com

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Richie w "Idolu"

czwartek, 09 października 2008 21:14
Klikając tutaj możecie posłuchać, jak Richie śpiewał za czasów występów w amerykańskim "Idolu".
Miłego słuchania!

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czwartek, 09.

Nikki Reed - Onet.pl Blog

17 kwietnia 2009
Na liście TOP 10, najpopularniejszego, zagranicznego portalu filmowego, Nikki Reed obecnie zajmuje 10 pozycję, przed nią m.in., na miejscu 3 figuruje jej przyjaciółka Kristen Stewart.
Oto pełna lista:
#1. Kal Penn
#2. Robert Pattinson
#3. Kristen Stewart
#4. Vin Diesel
#5. Jordana Brewster
#6. Paul Walker
#7. Taylor Lautner
#8. Seth Rogen
#9. Skylar Deleon
#10. Nikki Reed
NikkiReedFanSite (14:38)
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16 kwietnia 2009
Chain Letter posters


Buszewicz - 1990

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wtorek, 02 stycznia 2007
Be Smart. Drive Safe.

Nie o głosowaniu, ale fajne:


Elections planned for October 2006.

The main activities of the project will focus on an election poster and slogan competition, motivating first-time voters and young people to participate in the election process. The selected poster and slogan will be used in civic education workshops, debates and field trips for secondary school pupils and university students organized by the Municipal Election Commissions (MEC) in order to.