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Poems about life

W życiu piękne są tylko chwile... dlatego czasem warto żyć... - The poetry of everyday life... - bloog.pl

W życiu piękne są tylko chwile... dlatego czasem warto żyć...

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About me.. me?

'Aniołem staje się ten, kto potrafi patrzeć na świat z innej strony...' * * *
'Serce miej otwarte dla wszystkich, ale zaufaj niewielu...'
* * *

Pragniesz, znaczy to, że pragnienie owo zrodziło się w Duszy Wszechświata i spełnienie tego pragnienia, to Twoja misja na Ziemi...

About life...

Tak łatwo z rąk wymyka się. Ucieka wciąż, znika we mgle. A ty chcesz na własność je mieć. Chcesz zamknąć je na klucz. Przed światem schować. Skryć jak.

faceci są z Marsa a kobiety z Venus - Onet.pl Blog

11 maja 2007

life's suck.. I hate my life.. why? because it hasn't a sens.. I've not reason to live.. but.. if I want I could to have.


can you say everything about yourself?

you are great.

because I can not...

if you want write.
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Would buy my little neighbour some crayons. She is 7 years old and she lives with her mom. They’re poor. She always wears clothes too big for her. I talked to her once and she told me that she was dreaming about the day when she would draw a picture worth a lot of money. She told me that her mom didn’t have enough money to buy her some new crayons. That’s why I want to buy them for her and help her dream.

Paper. Next, I would write a poem about nature, my feelings, some people or my town and send it to a publishing house. Some day in the future someone might read my poem and it could change his or her view of life. Maybe in 20 years’ time this poem will be read at schools and students will interpret what I wanted to say in the same way as we are now interpreting poems by Mickiewicz or Kochanowski. I hope I could change the world in this way. (Monika)

Twoja Kolej!


Green desk, not taken from the university lectures, escaping the traditional methodological divisions but probably thanks to that it is unassuming, genuine and intriguing.
      His testimony about the world and God is — looking on the one hand — a testimony of a very intelligent human, whereas on the other — a testimony of a neighbour, experiencing a deep suffering. Therefore to some.

Niewielki fragment mojego wstępu z polskiego wydania. A oto cały wstęp z polskiego wydania w redakcyjnym tłumaczeniu na angielski...

      Wiesław Zieliński in his collection of poems “The joke of Lord God” shares his religious philosophy of life with the readers in a proper to him straightforward and direct way. The author does it in a totally honest way and doesn’t juggle with platitudes and banalities. We got used to that so-called.