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Opposite words

Which one?

With check out some links with on-line dictionaries which can resolve any exercise with idioms even from Ms Kaczmarska classes! ;) Enjoy!


and here you've got some interesting slang words:


and here you'll find one without which I couldn't survive:



skomentuj (0)Or her type. Some men like slim women, others prefer the more voluptuous build. There really is no right ‘size’. As a man it would be extremely boring to pin yourself down to a particular kind of woman in terms of her figure. In any case, being attractive to the opposite sex means a lot more than the difference between a size 10 and a size 16. One of the most attractive qualities in anyone – man or woman – is self-confidence. A great self-image, attained through dressing well, a healthy diet or exercising, is.

gmichalski financial management zarządzanie finansami

Each of these aspects of liquidity was taken into consideration and presented from nonprofit perspective. Nonprofit liquidity value determination may often significantly contribute to the solution of working capital management problems in these organizations.

KEY WORDS: Intrinsic liquidity value, Nonprofit financial management, financial liquidity


Organizations can work as taxed commercial businesses or as non-taxed nonprofit organizations (Lane, Longstreth, Nixon,.

Risk of shortage of liquidity.

Risk exposition depends on the kind of mission realized by nonprofit organization. If the risk exposition should be higher, then more smart is to choose more flexible and more conservative solutions to have better results. It works in opposite direction also. The safer mission realized by nonprofit organization, the more restrictive and more aggressive strategies give better results.
Nonprofit organization property consists of total assets, i.e. fixed assets and current assets known also as liquid.


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That we Poles should spread its understanding to others.

The Turanian civilisation
The Turanian civilisation was created by the Mongols of Genghis Khan. Its primary feature is a military organisation adapted to a mobile war. It is best described by such words as camp, movement, space. For this reason family ties are very weak in this civilisation.
This civilisation has no public law. There is only private law and it is derived from the commands of the ruler. The state is the ruler’s farmyard and his will is the.

Would amount to hypocrisy, a breach of the intent of the Lawgiver. With the growing complexity of life and a development of the understanding of the intent of the Lawgiver, we adapt rules to what we consider as ethical. For us, the law is derived from ethics. For Jews, the opposite is true. Ethics is derived from the Law.
For them, of course, life also requires changes in their habits. For the sake of convenience, they introduce interpretations of the Law, explanations for various circumstances, so as to maintain the letter of the Law.