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Yesterday. i just love him. whatever he's doing, wherever he is; whatever he's done and will do. some call it 'unconditional love'. every time i hear his voice, i calm down and probably believe in God for a sec or two. and i wish some day, some day he'll come over for the morning coffee and we won't be rushing anywhere, we'll just sit and gaze at each other for long hours, catching up on all those hours that we spent so far away from each other...some day...


2007-08-29 15:40:34
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When was the last time you danced with a priest…?

what a bizarre combination of a soutane and collar buttons; of a childish smile and moralistic occupation…well he doesn’t call it ‘occupation’ but rather ‘vocation’. Aged 24 is telling me what’s right and wrong, what’s a sin and what is not, where God is and what it means to be a priest. And then he’s dancing and humming “they made love passionately in the men’s loo”. He seems to be so delicate and well-mannered as if a gentleman taken right from the 19th century; fits so well into Jane Austen’s prose.
He seems to be so right that the only thought I have in my mind is whether he used to be ‘normal’…and whether he will ever be ‘normal’ again; whether some day he’ll fall in love and his whole life will turn upside.



"The good ones screw you, the bad ones screw you, and the rest don’t know how to screw you."

I am a bit confused.

Thinking is not a good occupation. But what to do if we have a lot of time- we think. At least I do. And I feel confused..

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