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And motor development is also limited significantly by this defect.. He cannot walk nor speak and suffers from epilepsy . However in spite of all these  obstacles , he remains a joyful boy. Since last year he has started to pull himself into a sitting position and every day he is getting better at this.  Further intensive rehabilitation is necessary for him to continue to develop.  Rehabilitation  is the only chance for Kacper to become more independent in the future. His basic skills develop through participation in rehabilitative camps. There, instructors teach him the necessary exercises to stimulate his physical and mental growth. Kacper's doctors from Warsaw and Poznan have agreed that everything he can  learn before his seventh birthday  provides him with a bigger opportunity for a more normal life. That is why every day in this countdown is so important for him. His parents are no longer able to support his fight financially. His father is the only financial provider and there are six people in his family that he supports.   Kacper requires not only rehabilitation but also medical treatment which significantly increases family expenses. Doctors.

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Or not,

     and we will confine ourselves tit he material which has been placed at

     our disposal by the sages of the past, who have left full details as to

     how the process should be approached.

       In the case of a compact between the conjuror and the devil, no

     ceremony is necessary, as the familiar is ever at hand to do the behests

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Spoona, nawijającego chyba o wszystkim, co wpadło mu do głowy.

I think you can say that. We're bloody special unit you know.

– I could guess that. Let's find the others.

– I think it won't be necessary.

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Saying we's got necessities,
These recepies I'll be giving,
'Cause freedom's how I'm living in my life without the strife,
Who's pushing? We gots the cushion.
So get on your knees and pray G-O-D,
Set me free, from this fucking ill society,
For real, north to the south to the east to the west,
Come and bless,
Buddha zest got me truly confessing,
Say it yes yes yes yes.
To the top is where I'm reaching,
The chronic got me tweakin'
And I'll be reaching for the peaking.
More than you ever fucking seen,
When I soar, take flight to the skies,
On demise, this youth has grown wise,
No disguise necessary,
It's quite contrary,
Proud Mary,
Keep on rolling 'cause I'm strolling on the uptown sound, for real,
So hold tight to steal,
Lyrical assasins saying caps out to peel.
Yo, Sharpshooters Productions, Bran Van 3000, Comin' to your housing. Yo, get up and do it, yo, Yo, yo, Get up and do it, Get up and do it, Get up and do it, Gravediggaz...

Afrodyzjak może jakiś, co? Summa summarum, nie chodzi tutaj o to, iż sieję postrach, ale nadchodzi mnie taka melancholia zmuszająca do stanięcia obok samca; wymiana poglądów, spojrzeń, oko za oko, słowo za słowo, niczym dziwna piosenka Steczkowskiej.
A teraz coś bardziej życiowego - jaki.

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Z tym moim angielskim --' i dobija mnie podróż, czyli 24 godziny w autokarze _-_'. Jednak mimo to spałnia się jedno z moich marzeń, zawsez chcaiałam na własne oczy zobaczyć, te wszystkie sławne miejsca w stolicy Angli ^^. Będę co prawda tęsknić za kilkoma osobami, a także zostanę oderwana od korespondencji < bosh kiedy ja to nadrobię ^^' >. Jadnak liczę, że tam na miejscu nie będzie, aż tak źle ^^. 3majcie kciuki żeby zdolna Araś nie zgubiła się gdzieś tam po drodze ^^'. Sayo!

You're Kishuu Arashi!
Always calm and composed, you aren't prone to dramatic outbursts or displays of emotion. You save your emotion for times when it is really necessary. Some might call you cold or distant, but on the upside, you're very emotionally strong and can take care of yourself. And when the right person comes along, they might just break your shell.
Which Dragon of Heaven are you?
Quiz by Kerianne

my words...

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No cóz jestem w wielkim centrum Angli ^^ prosze sie nie wsciekac o brak polskich liter w tej notce poniewaz tu nie ma takowych ^^'. Mieszkam u rodziny mojej przyjaciolki i musze powiedziec ze bardzo mi sie tu podoba. Udalo mi sie zwiedzic juz pare ciekawych miejsc m.i. :