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Many thanks for

* marika

Again and it sounded like techno)

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2006-04-21 12:47:28

inspite the extremely stress that i've been going through for last few weeks, the sittuation got even more messed up. my computer has just broke down so i'm not able to write any homework from few weeks ago, moreover i can't conduct my research (and i have.

Give me any relief, and i have too little calories to improve my mood, my belly became flat and i can put on my favourite pair of jeans but every other is too lose (52,5 kg by the way =])
thanks god that there still are some people making me forget about troubles and laugh...

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2006-04-30 15:21:47
angels fallin' through my head// wax poetic

so many of us leaves soon...
rain, fear, capote soundtrack, unevitable end of a present story, natural death of the other... more and more "goodbyes"...

it's a month untill the great.


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I hate those people :)

how many hates me :)

hate myself! (;

wanna hate me? (;
nie dam satysfakcji pewnym ludziom. ot co.

lodowata woda
wieczna bezczynnosc, trwaly pustostan
to miejsce, jego magia
to juz nie jest moje roztocze.
thanks, mom..

Letna Akademia Filmowa.
dlaczego chlać na kulturalnej imprezie? PO CO?

moralne poniżenie. warto było? nie.
alez wy wkurwiacie

Dobrze. to jes moja własność, boki zywac.
tez mam prawo miec swoje zdanie.jakie by nie było

alez puste to czyste - brudne mieszkanie.
no i jescze to wesele.

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andziaoandzia blog

And I can't stop my tears... I want go somewhere... but I don't know where... I'd like to say: I won't do this, but I know that I've started many things znd I have to finish it
Thank everybody for your time... thanks for everything

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2003-06-05 22:57:05
wypada napisac w koncu cos pozytywnego;)
no tak... na poczatek... wyobrazcie.

.NET Rulez! Blog

Part of the language. I am also very huge fan of “var” keyword that very often give me opportunity to change type very easy when I change my mind for example in generic classes or components declaration with “var” it is kind of evolution of C# I really enjoy every day .


Different solutions. But the construction time is something of the .NET itself not C#. I hope that “await” will not consuming more time than simple “SpinWait.SpinUntl(() => StopWorking);”, that is my favorite synchronization technique .

Vs. relying on reflection (C#), or real class reopening (ruby) vs. protecting programmers against themselves (C# extension methods)… There are many tradeoffs to be made by a language designer and I often find myself missing features of one language while coding another (e.g. I often miss.
2011-10-31 at 20:17 | #2

Thanks for comment Spectral. You are right about those tradeoffs that decide about some language as a first choice for some solution. And I think.