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London weather

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Next morning mass at the Westminster Cathedral. It was totaly new experience totaly different than mass in Polisch Church. Choir and that other stuff. I had newr saw so many turist at the Church.

Rest of weekend... like for holiday befits very peaceful. Good weather and some sightseeing.

You know what my Honey?? Finally I realize what You are talking about. I had same feelings like You. But don't You worry all will be ok.

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02 kwietnia 2007
Sunday (April Fool's Day)

Next weekend, next Sunday, next trip to London to delivery some stuff to Iwona from her mother. Moreover new experiences.

"Black Sunday" on London roads. Many road accidents. Even some shit happened to us. We drowe in to another car. Nothing serious we are ok only some slighty car damages.


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just a short message to let you know i am alive and well. the weather in london is dreadfull. the sun is shining at the moment, but you never know what's it going to be like in a minute. i'm in a good mood and hope that's going to last. i really miss poland and cracow. can't wait to go back. but my friends and family are ones i miss the most..

A world to discover…

Well, it feels like summer is truly over now:  everyone is back from their holidays, the children are back at school, and then there’s the weather…

To o tej porze roku jeszcze raz, na północnej półkuli Ziemi dni są coraz krótsze i chłodniejsze, liście zmieniają kolor, zwierzęta migrują i zbiory są w toku. Gdy przychodzi wrzesień myślimy o.

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