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Level 42 something about you

We`re the halves that don`t match.

Yaoi-fanatic audience
wants to see on stage. And as long as Gackt
does not get tired of your arts or desires a
deeper level in your relationship, you will
remain a happy, healthy boy, even if you lack
an upper lip. You have found the.Mi wyszło to samo co Marrce :D

You like the prince charming type.

What kind of guy are you most attracted to? (CUTE anime pics)
brought to you by Quizilla
a totem wyszło,ze.Me:) He's so
dreamy that you'll want him to notice you so
badly your do anything. Like in the cafateria
you'ld trip on something infront of him to make
your food spill all over you!!! Even if it's a
brand new shirt or your favourite skirt!!!.You cheated :P You're
the kind of chick that can hang out with your
boyfriend's friends and be silly. You don't
care about presents or about going to fancy
placed. Hell, just hang out. You're just happy
being around your boyfriend.

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któraż z koleji :P 2005-01-19 01:06:42

Dopsh dawno nie pisałam..przydałoby się coś nowego tym bardziej,zę troszeczkę się tu zmieniło [i.

alyiana blog

Wycisniętego wprost na drzewie czy lewej piersi...

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2007-07-26 20:12:42 >> ...

Blaski i cienie inwersji ciemności, nabrały ponownie innych walorów. Smak świeżo upieczonego jabłecznika.Na bloga heheh ;) zdałam jea

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2007-07-05 12:13:38 >> Shizuku

If you can't love everyone, at least do not
Betray, suspect, accuse, or hate the ones you love
Does being innocent mean that I will hurt people?
A quiet passion begins to stir within my eyes... after meeting you
Teardrops are about to fall; I don't let them, holding them within my heart
Live each moment to the fullest; become a focused drop
.The sink's edge and doesn't seem like it'll ever dissolve
I think of even the scientific environment and love at the same level
If you find the one thing that only you can do,
You need nothing else, right? You've come to realize that lately, right?
From a corner in the city that's like a huge boulder, I want to change something, little by little by little
I want to infiltrate someone for real
This morning, the TV was showing people.

Blog nie o życiu. Biegające kropki...........

 I would have loved to talk to them (the sex pistols) but they wouldn't have listened at the time, because we were something which punk was reacting against. Brian May
 The demand for us to tour is getting to be a pain in the.Of us, and we want to be dandy. Freddie Mercury
 They wouldn't let us into Russia. They thought we'd corrupt the youth or something. Freddie Mercury
 The reason we're successful darling? My overall charisma, of course! Freddie.The journalistic mind. Roger Taylor
 The rest of us played okay, but Freddie was out there and took it to another level. It wasn't just Queen fans - he connected with everyone. Brian May
 When I look back on all that black nail.To do more. I'll remember Live Aid till the day I die. Brian May
 For God's sake, if I want to make big confessions about my sex life, would I go to The Sun, of all papers, to do it? There's no f**king way I'd do that, I'm too intelligent..Pomyłka, Sylwester.
41. – A pani zrobiła ten przykład?
- Czarek chyba ci się role pomyliły.
42. – Michał możecie przestać rozmawiać?
- Taak.
- A już myślałam, że nie możecie się powstrzymać.

Agnieszka Drummer – język niemiecki

(adj.) old
117. gegen (prep.) against
118. liegen (verb) to lie
119. ohne (prep.) without [variation: ohne ... zu without (doing something)]
120. nein (adv.) no
121. heutewith it; there, in the process
136. einmal (adv.) once
137. ihnen (pers. pron.) [to/for] them (dat. form of sie [pl.]); Ihnen (pers. pron.) [to/for] you (dat. form of Sie [pl.])
138. welch- (det./pron.) which
139. nehmen (verb) to take
140. tun (verb) to do
141. seit (prep.) since, for (a period of time)
142. dürfen (verb) to be allowed, may
143. glauben.
169. fahren (verb) to drive, ride, go (by vehicle)
170. meinen (verb) to think, have an opinion
171. spät (adj.) late
172. etwa (adv.) about, approximately; (part.) perhaps
173. wer (interrog..

, die, -en (noun) door

401. Schüler, der, – (noun) pupil, student (primary and secondary level)
402. Bedeutung, die, -en (noun) meaning
403. Text, der, -e (noun)

(pers. pron.) [to/for] them (dat. form of sie [pl.]); Ihnen (pers. pron.) [to/for] you (dat. form of Sie [pl.])
138. welch- (det./pron.) which