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Last night

..Moje myśli, cała ja..

Course someday
No matter where we stray
I know you'll find your way

I'll always come back to you
I'll always come back to you
For once in your life a promise will come true
I'll always come back to you

Last night in a dream I've had before
Oh, I heard your voice calling me
Like from a distant shore

Oh, last night like a ship lost on the sea
I see the light shining there
To light the way for me

How do you know the first time
Is the right time in your life
Not to let it pass you by
I won't let it pass me by

And if the winds of fate
Blow our ships off course someday
No matter where we stray
I know you'll find your.

Dzienniki tłumacza

And sting my eyes / Dzwonić w moich uszach i żądlić moje oczy
Your Spanish lullaby / Twoja hiszspańska kołysanka

I fell in love with San Pedro / Zakochałam się w San Pedro
Warm wind carried on the sea he called to me / Ciepły wiatr romansował z morzem [???] On wołał do mnie
Te dijo te amo / [może innym razem]
I prayed that the days would last / Modliłam się, aby dni mogły trwać
They went so fast / Mijały tak szybko

Repeat chorus / Powtórzenie refrenu

I want to be where the sun warms the sky / Chcę być tam, gdzie słońce grzeje niebo
When it’s time for siesta you can watch them go by / Kiedy jest czas sjesty możesz ich zobaczyć przechodzących
Beautiful faces no cares in this world / Piękne twarze, żadnych trosk na świecie
Where a girl loves a boy and a boy loves a girl / Tam, gdzie dziewczyna kocha chłopaka, a chłopak dziewczynę

Last night I dreamt of San Pedro / Ostatniej nocy śniłam o San Pedro
It all seems like yesterday not far away / To wszystko wydaje się jakby było wczoraj, nie tak dawno

Repeat chorus (2 times) / Powtórzyć refren (2 razy)

La la la la la la la
Te dijo te amo – mówię ci, że cię kocham
La la la la la la la
El dijo que te ama – on mówi, że.

w życie trzeba się wgryźć

Marzeń. Skad on je znał? Przecież nikomu nie mówiłam. A tymczasem on szyderczo wykrzywiony rechotał od tłumionego śmiechu.
I nawet nie myło żadnych drzew, które mogłyby mi to zasłonić.

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My girl, my girl, don't lie to me
Tell me, where did you sleep last night?
In the pines, in the pines
Where the sun don't ever shine
I would shiver the whole night through

My girl, my girl, where will you go?
I'm going where the cold wind blows
In the pines, in the pines
Where the sun don't ever shine
I would shiver the whole night through

Her husband, was a hard working man

....following the wisdom....

Oxford... 2004-01-13 20:25:36

wspominalam dzis ten wspanialy wyjazd do Angli...
i dostalam przed chwila smsa od niejakiego Francesca... z Rzymu...ktorego poznalam wlasnie w Oxfordzie...
po 3 latach niewidzenia mnie tresc esa mnie troszke rozbroila:"hello! do you remember me? I'm francesco, the boy who comes from Italy and who, at his last night, spoke with you for all the night in Oxford, 3 years ago. But if you think about Oxford I'm sure you are able to remember. how are you? last night I dreamt about you, you looked like beautiful, I can remember it. how old are you now. I don't remember it. Please answer because I'm very pleased to see one of your message. bye and I hope that one day you will come in Italy, miss.

Martwe Kwiaty - Onet.pl Blog

We believe?
The truest test is when we cannot,
when we cannot see.

I hear pounding feet in the,
in the streets below, and the,
and the women crying and the,
and the children know that there,
that there's something wrong,
and it's hard to belive that love will prevail.

Oh it won't rain all the time.
The sky won't fall forever.
And though the night seems long,
your tears won't fall forever.

Oh, when I'm lonely,
I lie awake at night
and I wish you were here.
I miss you.
Can you tell me
is there something more to belive in?
Or is this all there is?

In the pounding feet, in the,
In the streets below, and the,
And the window breaks and,
And a woman falls, there's,
melancholia kolor ma zielony
 Mój blog przemyśleniowy
moje pisanie
Labirynt dżwięków zaklętych w litery
One Last Breath

Jutrzejsza Pokrzywiona Rzeczywistość


(Sarah Connor)

The worst thing in this situation is that I didn't palm me off with my feelings. I wasn't going to meet any guy and to be taken with him. It was a second...when suddenly I thought: wow this guy is really great...

Last night was the most beautiful...

"I don't like this place, but I want to be with you here..."

"We should go...it'd be better for both of us"

But we stayed...and we were sitting cuddled up together and talking talking talking...till 4 a.m. ...

It wasn't only short, secondary romance. With kisses in the first day and tears in the last. We spent so many hours on talking...we only talked. And cuddled up in the last night.

"It'd be better for both of us".................

Yes, he had right...

But he's the first guy after EX who I really like...

He has no features of character which are similar to EX.

Last night on earth

Krew wszędzie krew... - Onet.pl Blog

Paradise Lost - True Belief

Wretched will, host of pleasure surreal
Closed the room where the last is buried

Rise or fall at your master's request
You're unable to accept redemption

I don't know about a true belief here
With the "lost" it's the same as.

Stand confused lack of comprehension,
Re-aroused by a thought of madness

And I know that the truth is always right
But it's time to search for lies
You're the one I try to save
But the blood spills from your veins

Call counting time till the end
Death's wicked smile never fails
The curse is cast, you've lost the past
The mourning of lost life
Commands our actions night and day

The foul realism is unleashed
Upon the earth we'll bleed

Banish all fond memories

..::Nowa odsłona mojego Ja::..

Settle down
...for every job, so many men
...so many men no-one needs
don't give up
'cause you have friends
don't give up
you're not the only one
don't give up
no reason to be ashamed
don't give up
you still have us
don't give up now
we're proud of who you are
though I saw it all around
never thought I could be affected
thought that we'd be the last to go
it is so strange the way things turn
...drove the night toward my home
...the place that I was born, on the lakeside
...as daylight broke, I saw the earth
...the trees had burned down to the ground
don't give up
you still have us
don't give up
we don't need much of anything
don't give.