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    • Frances Martin
    • February 7th, 2012
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    • Brian Jackson
    • February 7th, 2012
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    HILDUFF-STAR || Your the best ultimate source about Hilary Duff | - Onet.pl Blog

    Komentarzu Michasia zapytała mnie co to są za zdjęcia w ostatnim poście. Zatem odpowidam: ostatnie fotki dotycza nowej kampanii reklamowej DKNY (linii ubrań zaprojektowanych przez Duff).

    Pozdrowinia również dla mojejn kochanej Marlenki i reszty fanów Hilci!





    22 August 2009
    Zdjęcia Hilary "The Chase"

    Zdjęcia promocyjne "The Chase" z kampani reklamowej


    "The Beginning" (Początek)





    21 August 2009
    Charlotte Ronson and JCPenney Celebrate "I Heart Ronson" Line

    wszystko o Sophii Bush - Onet.pl Blog

    Tree Hill

    So what’s coming this season? Will Brooke get to keep her happy ending?
    I was concerned that because Julian and Brooke had such a great momentin the finale, the audience could feel like we missed all the goodstuff [by jumping ahead]. But he’s been consistently working in L.A.and she’s been consistently working in Tree Hill. The storyline in thefirst episode is: Is this the time when their relationship’s going toactually start in a real way?

    What’s up with the new characters?
    Jana Kramer is going to play Alex. She’s the new face of Clothes OverBros. She’s an actress, not a model. She’s decided maybe she’ll makesome money from Brooke and do some modeling. She’s going to pushbuttons. She doesn’t censor herself. She’s wily enough to know thatshe’s sexy and can be really powerful being sexy. But sometimes thelights are not on with Alex.

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    Charlotte Ronson und JCPenney ‘I heart Ronson’ Launch Party