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Interesting questions


>*BLu*< 2004-07-05 07:35:32 skomentuj (1)

wreszcie..heheh..im here..its all good...im chillin doin sumtin sometimes..nawet..hehe..nmie narzekam na pogode..pomyslcie sobie ze siedzicie w tym smierdzacym gp i sie pocicie..no tragedia..lol..mozna zaoszczedzic na antyperspirancie..jk..lol...well interesting things..:::
i came plane late..not too many stupid questions as i expected..food terrible..juss like in skool..then visited everybody..well almost..went to the disco..on sun..met so many new ppl..this one girl tjought she was the shit cuz she was from katowice..but her mouth dropped when i told her im from BK..hehe..ppl are weird..the place is a bitdiff..n i veiw it differently..but ill talk more when i come.

ocean-zycia blog

Happy ; ) I have got some bad days. I am so lazy and so … I don’t know, maybe sad? Life is bored to me. I am very angry for myself because I love life and I don’t like when I so grumpy.

Another day. But I am the same person like I was. What now? Night. And after night a new day? Total routine. I want more and more but why? Only questions … but where are an answers?

I like Albert Einstein. I don’t know why I am writing this information but I feel that I must say it. He is a interesting person. I like his picture where he poke out one's tongue at somebody. He is very funny and when I look on this picture I want to laugh all the time ; ) He is nice guy =]

I Am
All and nothing
I am and it reckons
I Am a day and a night
Fire and water
I am…


back from lapland
hello guys,
nice to be back, although not to my home country. the lapland trip was amazing. canooing (if that is how it is spelled), hiking... but let me start from the beginning. first of all there was a bus ride which was quite long but almost at all times interesting. after 10 hours of rally with the finnish driver we were in yllasmaja (i think). in the evening we had a meeting with a wiseman from lapland. he came with his ugly wife and his daughter anorecsia. it was quite interesting. all of the students were then baptised to be able to access the land of lapland (or some other shit). we had to drink some ugly stuff and answer some most stupid questions. at the end we all got drunk and met each other. we had students from poland :), france, belgium, czech republic, finland, thailand, china, lithuania, germany, austria, hungary, greece, spain, united states and that might be it (maybe i forgot some countries, if so - sorry). the next day started quite early for me as i was in the breakfast group..

Alexz Johnson&Instant Star - bloog.pl

Paths soon. "Instant Star" holds so many amazing memories. There have been some wonderful moments of the past 5 years. I'm so often working on new stuff and creating new vibes that when I get a chance to look back, it just makes me realize how much I've learned. I'll probably feel the same way when I look back on stuff I'm doing now! That's what makes life so interesting!"

Refreshingly, Alexz doesn't feel pressured by the media and Hollywood to be the girl that they want her to be. "People can make that choice to be peer pressured," Alexz tells us. "To me, I'm in it for the music. I want to make legendary music, music that has a long-term effect on people. The artists I like, from Annie Lennox to Peter.

Challenge. Jeff Renfroe is an awesome director, and working with Andrew Francis again was a treat.

Are you pursuing any further acting jobs in the next year or so or is your music currently your sole focus?
Music is always my sole focus, but I'm open to quality stuff that fits in with that.. We've had a ton of fans submitting questions regarding touring and whether you plan to visit their country. What are your current top 5 dream tour destinations?
So many! I'd love to perform in Paris/France, London, Japan !... So many places...

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