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Międzynarodowa Konferencja Tańca Współczesnego

Feher’s Acrobatic Theatre

Classes with Ferenc Feher, which took place in studio D (Secondary School No. 4), were very specific mix combined of acting workshop, dancing and acrobatics. During the whole cycle of workshops dancers were dealing with difficult combination which was being improved piece by piece.

To help with classes, Feher invited artists who also came from Hungary for 18th Annual International Contemporary Dance Conference and Performance Festival. One of them was responsible for the music. There were played mostly new sounds, one participant of workshops described them as ambient climate. It was interesting experience or maybe experience of electronic music mixed with exercises/tasks suggested by Feher – says another person.

One of the task we worked on was an improvisation consisting of moving on the floor with our hands and feet ‘glued’ to it. This task made it possible to explore new quality of movements. The speed of classes was adjusted to the group but sometimes it seemed that the leader stopped in contemplation and this way gave participants more time to practice. Participants admitted that the leader liked to contemplate and watch others working.

Unfortunately workshops with Feher took place only in the first week of Conference. But for those who did not have a chance to meet this artist, there will be one.


Ritual that means something, even if it’s pointless, is better than us saying that it is wrong, and not praying/worshipping ourselves. That’s more meaningless. I fall short too.

To expound on it just a little… I’ve been reading several good books that influenced this thought. One is “The Limits of Meaning” by Matt Engelke and Matt Tomlinson; another is “Material Religion” by E. Frances King (There are others, but these two are the notables). And I’ve come to realize that church power structures can potentially be as pointless as a non-church environment (I’m speaking from a Christian perspective here). I know it sounds like a really ‘duh’ thing, but it’s much more interesting than that.

Let me pop some question:

1. We often talk about how the love of the world will lead to an empty life. That’s fine. But have we thought about whether we can live an empty life within the context of church? Must it be a “here or there” scenario?

2. As a follow-up question, I look at standards that are commonly mentioned in Christian environments. I’ll try to lay them out here, then link it together. We often hear that if we over-expose ourselves to certain stuff that is “of the world”, we would eventually be influenced and bla bla bla, not so good stuff happens. We also frequently hear internal chastisement of church members who are pew-warmers, often times regarded as people who have.

on my blog, there's an exceptional climate, it's a magical place...

My parents how much^^ i just told them to send some more^^ my camera doesn't work. ehh, ki asked a lot of people, including specialists and my parents, but it still does not work. i just do not know what to do. i still have some pictures from vegas because the girls had their cameras. and my host mom bought me a dispodable camera. for 0 - how is it possible it costs so much here?!
in vegas we were also on this berlin's tower where there are three exscream things. i went on the big shot that kind of fired you up very fast so that you couldn't see you were actually sitiing somewhere nd you could only see the whole las vegas. and nothing more. you didn't even feel like if you were sitting. it was exciting i must admit. and i was in a skirt. that must have been interesting as well i suppose. oh, i forgot to tell. it was extremely high. it is the highest this type of extreme thing in the world as long as it is on the top of this tower. 350 feet or something i don't really remeber. neither do i care. for me it was just VERY high and i kind of could feel my legs trembling as i was climbing the stairs to do this thingy. we also had a meal there and what is interesting about the restaurant is that it is in constant movement. it makes circles so that you can see the whole city. :)

we also went to the new york new york hotel/casion to tak a ride on the biggest rollercoater i've ever seen. as we got there (we walked pretty long way because my host mom wanted to show us hotels on the street we were walking on),.


As you may expect, I have issues with this. Ms (that’s right ‘Ms’, says it all…and she was speaking the Guardian, I rest my fucking case M’lud) so-called Gilbert reckons that children behave badly in lessons because the teacher is boring. Really? Her solution seems to be that all lessons are highly entertaining, ‘good’, and at the same time educational. Has she stepped into one of those dreadful teaching ads where some science teacher holds a bunch of hormonal teenagers under their spell by watching smoke go round in a fucking box?

Point one: Teachers have been making lessons ‘interesting’ since time began. Yes, some teachers are boring cunts but on the whole I think we go balls-out to make our lessons interesting.

Point two: how ‘interesting’ does she want us to be? I could try and inject some verve into my lessons by turning up dressed as Coco the bastard Clown and juggling during my delivery if she wants.

Point three: at some point during a lesson the main learning intention has to go into the children’s heads, and they must learn something. While hot-seating, role play and all that stuff play a huge part in my lessons there comes a time where every single child will have to practise something mundane, like using a full stop or spelling something correctly. This can be a bit ‘boring’. One of the little girls finds almost everything boring in my lessons but that’s because she’s quite thick and only likes.

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co tam w mojej głowie

chcialabym napisac do Turka
ale czy za nim?
tęsknię za facetem romantycznie zakochanym we mnie
czy to on?
co mogłabym mu napiać

Hallo Dear, how are you?
I had no news from you last time… anything interesting happened?


Good Morning Dear,
remember? there was a time when we were saying Good Morning to each other every day… every day…
remember our fasting together? I miss that man…

tak, kiedyś w trakcie Ramadanu pościliśmy jeden.


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