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Half life 2 episode 3

Whether you Fall

Rozwiązania technologiczne przy stosunkowo niskich cenach
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czwartek, 10 lipca 2008
Kim jest Przemek Rębacz ?

Weeds Sezon 1 [ 9 na 10 ]
Włatcy móch Sezon 4 [ 1 na 10 ]

Gry w okresie wakacyjnym :

Final Fantasy Crysis Core
Half Life Episode One
Half Life Episode Two
Still Life

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poniedziałek, 30 czerwca 2008
skromne marzenie
Mam jedno skromne marzenie.

Nie ma rozpusty gorszej niż myślenie - Onet.pl Blog

Całą niedzielę przebywaliśmy w ogrodzie a'la PANI FANTASTYCZNA i było na dobrze. Wystawiliśmy sobie telewizorek naszego współlokatora K. i tak we 3 sobie spędzaliśmy czas. Już nie pamiętam, który raz z rzędu oglądaliśmy m.in.  "Klatkę dla ptaków". Co by jednak nie mówić, zawsze bawią.
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16 lipca 2004


if that's what it takes

I will risk everything,

I will fight,

I will bleed

I will lay down my life,

if that's what you need

Doubt I must have frowned

I must have made my desk around a quarter after nine

With letters to be read, and heaps of papers waiting to be signed

I must have gone to lunch at half past twelve or so

The usual place, the usual.

Chinese food to go I'm sure I had my dinner watching something on TV

There's not, I think, a single episode of Dallas that I didn't see

I must have gone to bed around a quarter after ten

bluecarmen blog

Hand through all of these years
but you still have all of me

you used to captivate me
by your resonating light
but now i'm bound by the life you left behind
your face it haunts my once pleasant dreams
your voice it chased away all the sanity in me

these wounds won't seem to.It's 6pm

bluecarmen 2011-06-12 19:12:43
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day three
woke at 12 feeling shit 
left for bank at 3
went there, found huge mess, cleaned the mess
went to see e, went to park, watched ducks
went to meeting, struggled to.
day first
went to GP in the morning. cried. took the test. she gave me prescription for citalopram 20mg and told me to take half tablet for four days. told me to make appointment within next 2 weeks. left, made appointment, went to town to get the pills at boots. went to ask aout my job. went home.
watched an episode of lost. took half a pill about 2:30pm or later. felt different for a minute (placebo effect lol). watched some more lost. got something to eat..

The Lair of the Bookworm

Który miał w dniu swojej śmierci owinięty wokół szyi.

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sobota, 19 stycznia 2008
The "Banewreaker" Diaries
Then we have the Fall of the youngest of the Shapers and the creating of three magical objects of immense powers... What follows is an account of the Shapers' Wars that have divided the world, the shake triumph of the Six and the building of the Fallen One's stronghold in Gorgantum, far away in the icefields.

And the magical sword... and nearly, nearly the Fisher King, a wounded angel who has lost his virility and turned the land in which he lives into a barren, lifeless, Mordoresque wasteland...

Monday: Day Two

Not good. Not good at all. The idea that the Prince of Lies, the.

All to well that she will live and he will die.
The characters are in general developing nicely, especially these of Taranos, Cerelinde and Altorus; the episode with the abduction of the bride is well-written and convincing. Not to mention the character of the Sunderer himself...
Oh, and Jacqueline Carey.Good concept of her being (in a way) in love with the dragon who had had a whim to help her. But... but. But her decadent court of beautiful boys and sweet half naked girls in collars is simply annoying and she herself irritates me to no end, as she seems to have migrated to this particular novel from another.