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Violetove włóczki

Wzór kwiatka: stąd.

Włóczka - Hamelton tweed firmy BCgarn.

Szla już był identyczny, to Misty Fog. Dokładnie ta sama włóczka, druty i wielkość. Wzór można dostać od Jagienki - wystarczy napisać maila:) (poprawiłam link - już działa).

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    O ile mi wiadomo dosyć eksluzywnych. Dostaliśmy nawet kajeciki, żeby sporządzać notatki odnośnie 30 rodzajów win. Exchange students - zmobilizowani, zwarci i gotowi - przybyli tłumnie :) Mimo, że w mailu do studentów było wyraźnie zaznaczone, że degustacja to nie APERO! opuściliśmy szkołę w całkiem dobrym humorze, najedzeni, ino ździebko śmierdzący francuskim serem. Zaznaczam, że mimo.I would even say that it's appreciated! Nevertheless, i was the last seller, at 4.45 while at 5 we finished, so one can imagine how many students listened to my performance ;/ Whereas, in team management classes, we had to prepare a scene like "recognising adequate performance", "handling an employee's complaint", "dealing with unacceptable conduct" than we act, we re filmed and finally we watch the performance together looking for the good and bad points.
    The same day, there was a party "Loft story" in the club called "the end". Firstly, we went for an apero to ecuadorian guys, there were about 20-30 exchange students!! In fact, the apero was even better than the party in a club. And again, at 4 i came back home and fell asleep..

    Les gouts-réünis: Blog Jana Hryniewicza. - bloog.pl

    Kopertach, jak to już zrobiono z Symfoniami Mozarta z tym samym dyrygentem. Nawet i tego nie będzie. Poniżej mail, który otrzymałem dzisiaj:
    Jan, Thanks for your message to the Decca Classics website. As things stand at the moment, there will be no further volumes in the Hogwood Haydn symphonies series. We understand that this is disappointing news to those collectors who had been looking forward to a complete set of symphonies, but the truth is that the market for new recordings has changed enormously since the series first began at the end of the 1980s, and it is not possible to continue with it. This is not to say that it will never happen, but the chances are slim. We hope, nevertheless, that you have enjoyed the.

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