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Zażycie specyfiku pozwala mu osiągnąć sukces o jakim zawsze marzył. Ceną, jaką przychodzi mu zapłacić, są: bóle głowy, omdlenia, utraty świadomości, niekontrolowane wybuchy przemocy...

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Szybcy i wściekli 5 / Fast Five (2011) 2011-05-18

Świetna zabawa, piękne kobiety i samochody w kontynuacji "Szybkich i wściekłych". Dwayne Johnson wcieli się w przeciwnika pary szalonych kierowców. Jako policjant będzie ich ścigał, by sprowadzić przed oblicze wymiaru.

|This is my sanctuary... Place where i shed tears and spill my pain...|

Albert couldn't find his socks, but this wasn't a big deal... At least he put them on only on sunday to go to church and today is saturday, but he always wanted to be prepared for everything... He emerged from his hut and took a look around... In fact nothing has changed... One hundred years old well, some chickens wondering around the yard, rests of wooden shed burned five years ago, and some rusted metal buckets... But something was wrong, something wasn't so like every day when he was walking form his hut... Then he saw what was not alright... His neighbour, called by the villagers Witch-door wasn't feeding his turkeys like he was everyday before breakfast...
In the afternoon Albert decided to took a walk to nerby village to speak with local policeman about Witch-door's disappearance...
Sunday. Albert finally found socks under his bed. He put them on his feet, took boots in hand and runed out from his hut. He will be late to church no dubt about it. But... If he would take a shortcut trought wood, near a lake...
Albert was walking very fast throught bushes... When he was getting close to the lake he smelled some terrible stench like a rotten meat... When he get to the lake shore he saw a terrible scene. Witch-door's body overcutted at a slant lying in the pool of blood being eaten by worms was enough to make Albert to spew his breakfast...
Five nearby villages came to se this terrible scene....



an alien force haunting Us
like ghosts

"wish I could stay here and play
for a while
I must be on my way"

the warmest of smiles

then He dived into the waves
among other whales

Captain Nemo said:

(five, four, three, two, one)

then I raised my hand
and waved

Captain Nemo went away

(love Me when I'm gone)

left'em all alone
Nemo's going home


Captain Nemo

Sarah Brightman - "Captain Nemo"
On Me
lemme see what you twerking with

look all those hips
they make me smile

get your sexy on

I'm bringin' sexy back

there other fuckers
don't know how to act

let me make up for the things You lack

you're burning up
I want to get it fast

you ready...?

I'm bringin' sexy back
you mother fuckers
watch how I attack

if that's your Man
better watch Your back

burning for Me
that's a fact

oryginal: Justin Timberlake - "SEXY BACK"

P.S. Skoro sexownie sie robi: J.Brodzik.