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Fade into darkness

Blog myszka1890

Sie z siostra czujemy jakbysmy my byly jego rodzicami...:(Mamy non stop w domu nie ma...ehhh

Into the blue - Sunrise Avenue

Here we are deep in the darkness
By the bed, the silver moon on you
Makes me fade away into the blue
It’s you and I. We leave the world behind


An angel, with a hand on my head
She say's I’ve got nothing to fear
She says, la ill aha ill allah
We all shine like stars
la ill aha ill allah
We all shine like stars
Then we fade away

debris-of-my-heart 2005-09-29 17:37:45
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Gdyby nie pewnien "bezpieczny" zabieg 20 lutego 2005 roku, wszyscy.Your lights on

Cause there’s a monster living under my bed
Whispering in my ear
There's an angel, with a hand on my head
She say I’ve got nothing to fear
There’s a darkness deep in my soul
I still got a purpose to serve
So let your light shine, into my home
God, don’t let me lose my nerve, lose my nerve

Hey now, hey now, hey now, hey now
Wo oh hey now, hey now, hey now, hey now

Hey now, all you sinners

Hounted forest...

Things not what they used to be
Missing one inside of me
Deathly lost, this can't be real
Cannot stand this hell I feel
Emptiness is filling me
To the point of agony
Growing darkness taking down
I was me, but now he's gone

No one but me can save myself, but it's too late
No one can think, think why I should even try

Yesterday seems as though it never. Anger
You'll suffer unto me

Harvester of sorrow
Language of the mad
Harvester of sorrow

All have said their prayers

Invade their nightmares
See into my eyes
You'll find where murder lies


Words of thy Nazgul... skomentuj (1)

2004-05-20 21:35:36 >> Fade to Black...

Life it seems will fade away
Drifting farther every day
Getting lost within myself
Nothing matters no one else
I have lost the will to live
Simply nothing more to give

I did it my way and I'm proud of it...

you deny
the place where i can breathe
cause you're my blaze
select me and i'm thy
there's no more grace
to trail away with me
i want to be

in your arms
will fade my cry
please let us passionate fade
please hold me tight
in your arms
i'm save and i
i'm on the verge of tears
and hold you tight

a careful smile
can't open up. 5. Pije jej za duzo
6. Kawa z kamykami nie smakuje dobrze:P
7. kamyki to bardzo useful stworzonka:]

This face I know from the start
These smiling eyes have placed a chill into my heart
And there'll be times when we're apart
I keep you right with me with all my best regard

I never told you that the world is always fair
I always warned you of the times when you.
It's the dark night of my soul
And temptation's taking hold
But through the pain and the suffering
Through the heartache and trembling

I feel loved
I feel loved

As the darkness closes in
In my head I hear whispering
Questioning and beckoning
But I'm not taken in

I feel loved
I feel loved

From the depths of my emptiness
Comes a.