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Escape games


Just to
Do your right and not your
wrong, when wrong is easy, and
right is hard, and
we’ve all got our weaknesses
and only you know what yours is
But your ‘tomorrows’ are all
that seem to escape from
your lips…

But I don’t wanna wait today
For something that might never
ever show its’ face again
A promise that I’ve heard too
much already, to me,
It seems rediculous to trust
in all of your games you play.
It’s one life, one world, one chance
And i don’t wanna wait

Moving forward to right now
- A government that let us down
- A racist leader noonetrusted
- An army that’s bigger.

A gdzie Twoja dusza?

Skater that can give Fabiola a run for the money.
She is a core street skater whose strength lies is skating rails. With
her one-year old pro status she ranked second in the world just
behind Fabiola.

Martina won the X Games Women's Park in '01 and '02., and she has the chance to three-peat in '03. She is one of the few competitive athletes to successfully balance school with skating.

" You don't have to live in the US if you want to be good at parks.What's the title?
so You think you're deep enough?
source code is a hintful place... reject only your ignorance and you may survive...
the step was taken... for now, you are doomed... there is no escape...
is there a face screaming??
i only can hear one word
i have no mouth and i must scream
i can see what you see not

...noitcelfer ym
...seohce ti tcejbo eht naht ytilaer.

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