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And it will be about english. Surprised? ;D
So, there are a few questions about my knowledge and skills in this language category. Where I did learn them from? Huh… first place: computer games. Yep, I know it sounds a little weird, but it’s true. To pass a game I had to know some words, so I looked into a dictionary and I was completing games one after another and learning new words. Then I realised that I really like it! I like learning new words, speaking in foreign language. But games weren’t enough, so I started to watch films in english with polish subtitles. After a while I realised that I don’t need.

As it was in a famous youtube video: "Ask yourself one, damn important question: what do you like to do in your life. And then start doing it".
I like it, and I’m doing it. And I will be doing this in future. Nothing’s gonna stop me.
By the way- if you’re having a problems with english, don’t be shy to ask me for advice. I’ll reply to every request .

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I have my enthusiasm and the author’s email. On the minus side – scarce vocabulary and too little experience with collocations. Now before you ask, I had to write my master thesis in that language, which probably means I have some knowledge of it, but still not as much as of the other one. So there is definitely more dictionary work involved in my present work than when I work with English (yep, that’s my second language as opposed to third, which is Spanish). On the other hand, when you’re doing nonfiction, there are loads of things to check in various sources, and on top of that, you don’t have a relief of dialogues which usually translate more easily. If I were to choose between doing the