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Disturbed inside the fire

"...I'm drawing circles in my memory, in the pages of my life..."

2 - Slipknot
9. "Heartbeats" - Jose Gonzalez
10. "Fever" - Michael Buble
11. "Hello" - Evanescence
12. "Crying In The Rain" - A-Ha
13. "Shadow Of The Sun" - Audioslave
14. "With Arms Wide Open" - Creed
15. "Behind These Hazel Eyes".
47. "Stand My Ground" - Within Temptation
48. "Kiedyś Ty" - Zakopower
49. "Nemo" - Nightwish
50. "Fron The Inside" - Linkin Park"
51. "Między Nocą, A Dniem" - Makowiecki Band
52. "The Last Remaining Light" - Audioslave
53..Benassi Bros
57. "Take Me Back" - Sylver
58. "Texas" - Unloco
59. "Not Meant For Me" - Static X
60. "Forsaken" - Disturbed & Korn
61. "Every Single Day" - Benny Benassi"
62. "Crashing" - Unloco
63. "Oh" - Ciara
64. "El Beso. 76. "Kocham Cię Kochanie Moje" - Maanam
77. "To Nie Ptak" - Goran Bregovic
78. "When I'm Gone" - Eminem
79. "Light My Fire" - The Doors
80. "Gdybyś Był" - Łzy
81. "Pieces Of Me" - Ashlee Simpson
82. "Arash" - Arash

If there's no God, I'm not impure. - Onet.pl Blog

I'm becoming less defined as days go by
Fading away
And well you might say
I'm losing focus
Kinda drifting into the abstract in terms of how I see myself

Sometimes I think I can see right through myself
Sometimes I can see right.I can see things I know I really shouldn't see
And now I know why, now, now, now I know why
Things aren't as pretty
On the inside

There is no you
There is only me
There is no you
There is only me
There is no fucking you
There is.

Benjamin - Diary of Jane
  • Breaking Benjamin - So cold
  •  Chevelle - I get it
  •  Disturbed - Inside the fire
  •  Korn - Freak on a lesh RMX
  •  Submersed - Hollow
  •  Lostprophets - Last.

  • thewritingexpedition.wordpress.com

    The room and erasing years of isolation.

    When the cloud finally settled, I poked my head back through the opening and saw the magnificent bronze bell. Of course it was no longer rigged to ring. In fact, it was lying on its side like a giant, discarded.

    By a bell large enough for me to sit in with room to spare.

    I climbed up through the trap door. Above me bats took flight, disturbed by my unforgiveable presence upon this long untouched scene. My footsteps were muffled by dust, but they sent echoes through.

    Strong through years of storms gave way. The gale blew through the room; upsetting dust, flinging debris, and forcing me to take shelter inside the bell. When the howling stopped I opened my eyes again.

    The room was much the same as before, only the dust had been.

    He had helped make those doors that now blocked the cavern prisons. The heat of the forge, the clang of metal on hot metal, the smell of fire in the room and on his clothes. There were five hundred doors, most of them to keep prisoners in cells, but the one at the end of.


    Czy nie.. chooj wie.
    pytanie do pan, i do tasa w sumie tez ;]. albo nie. chooj i we wto.

    Welcome, to the soldier side,
    Where theres no one here but me....
    People all grow up to die,
    There is no one here but me.
    Czarna i wogole blee.. / to takie o ze srodka bani wyskoczylo. ;] .. no to dzis jeszcze to to ze deszczylo i deszczy to teraz jakos ktos fireworki wyjebal w kosmos, moze dla mnie byly od kochanki jakiejs a ja nie wiem abo slucham muzyki .. jak kocha to poczeka.. 24. De Press - Bo jo cie kochom (3:14)
    25. Depswa - This Time (2:57)
    26. Die Toten Hosen - Pushed Again (3:50)
    27. Disturbed, Static X, Slipknot - Awake (3:29)
    28. Guns`n`Roses - Don`t-cry (4:45)
    29. Eric Clapton - Tears in heaven (4:31)(3:23)
    1032. Kreator - Progressive Proletarians (3:24)
    1033. Kreator - Crisis of Disorder (4:17)
    1034. Kreator - Hate Inside Your Head (3:39)
    1035. Kreator - Bomb Threat (1:46)
    1036. Kreator - Men Without God (3:45)
    1037. Kreator -.