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Anna Cieslak .... Malgosia
Maciej Zakoscielny .... Jan
Malgorzata Kozuchowska .... Renata
Tomasz Kot .... Dawid
Anna Przybylska .... Gwiazda
Krzysztof Holowczyc .... Krzysztof Holowczyc
Agnieszka Warchulska .... Ewa
Antoni Pawlicki .... Piotr
Przemyslaw Cypryanski .... Marek
Joanna Jablczynska .... Monika
Jakub Wesolowski .... Wojtek
Joanna Jezewska .... Malgosia's Mother
Pawel Królikowski .... Malgosia's Father
Country: Polish
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Directed by: Ryszard Zatorski
Writing credits: Alina Puchała
Director of photography: Tomasz Dobrowolski
Music by: Maciej Zieliński
imdb.com user rating: 4.0/10 (votes: 9)
filmweb.pl user rating: 5,77/10 (votes: 1029)
Age: 12

Plot Summary:
Małgosia came to Warsaw to start her studies at ASP. When she leaves the university with a dibloma, she has to find a job - which turns out to be more difficult than it looked like at the begining. Will Małgosia make a carrer and fall in the meantime - fall in love?

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Główna The Rasmus New Single “No Fear”
The Rasmus will release their new single on August 29th, entitled "No Fear"! A hook-laden, power-rock track, "No Fear" is the obvious first choice single and it was, just like "In The Shadows" had been to their award-winning album "Dead Letters", actually one of the last songs that the band wrote and recorded for their forthcoming album "Hide From The Sun". Scheduled for a worldwide release on September 12, "Hide From The Sun" is the band's sixth album and follow-up to their million-selling break-through album "Dead Letters".
The video for "No Fear" will be shot in Germany, and directed by Jörn Heitmann, who has done the last three videos for Rammstein, (Keine Lust, Amerika and Ohne Dich).
Currently, some band members are still working on the new album in the Stockholm studio, while singer Lauri Ylönen has already begun doing interviews with international press in several major European cities. All of the vocals have been recorded and it's now up to the band and their production team (Nord/Hansen, who produced "Dead Letters") to finalise the mixing and mastering. In total The Rasmus have recorded 15 tracks, of which 11 will probably end up on the album.

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The album.

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Polowcy wsiadają w Maybacha i jadą do remizy.


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Sekret Damona
Produced by: Pata i Karsu
Created and written by: 
Pata i Karsu
Directed by:

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Futile that almost painful; when ever Byakuya was though he had restrained the redhead somehow, Renji suddenly appeared out of reach. (Like clenching your fist on the moon, seeing the ashes coming out of smashed orb and then suddenly realizing it’s just a dust from the ground, and the moon is still out there, shining proudly.)

Byakuya used to be jealous (and he loathes to admit that fact) of the relationship between Renji and Ichigo. He couldn't help it, though, seeing the gentle caresses, painfully subtle and so uncharacteristic for both of them. But it all immediately crashed down on him with one arrogant, yet sheepish smile from Ichigo, which was directed to him, and Byakuya knew from that instant that he, too was receiving those caring, those loving feelings.

His relationship with Ichigo was different from any other he was in. The boy, the boy, for Christ's sake!, was young and far too innocent, Byakuya knew. Both, he and Renji knew. But Ichigo also knew some things. For example, Ichigo knew exactly what he wanted and he knew he was determined to get what he wanted. And if Byakuya or Renji were ever hesitant towards Ichigo, he would immediately kick their asses to show them just how mistaken they were for calling him innocent.

Byakuya was aware of how wrong the whole.