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Last winter

I just don't know. or maybe there's some other choice? What do you think???
Oh, did i tell you that i'm moving to Gdynia in 2 weeks?! Some of you probably know it anyway, but i thought it would be nice to mention it here. so, i will live almost vis a vis (whatever you spell it, right? ;)) of my dream school. i could never find better place to live. not only i love this city, but also i will have so close to my school (of course if only they will approve me ;))
So, i think that will be it! At least for now. I hope you didn't have too much problems with understanding me and that you will forgive me any mistakes that i'm sure i did. So, till the next time, which i have no idea when will it be. Kisses and hugs, for y'all!

And special help for Egyptian guys!

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Century Classics – New Century Classics EP [iosv008]

01. A Small Misunderstanding
02. Drift Motion
03. Children of an Uncertain Future
04. Congratulate You, Where?
05. Sandbox Love (Artfruit mix)

click on cover to download.
click here to read review. thx to deepgoa.

My Dirtchamber

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    Looks like it’s no longer available? At least when I click on the link in the original post I get an error message. :-(

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Prawosławny Partyzant

Killing of homeless animals in Ukraine. They wrote letters to the Ukrainian authorities and the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA). They also asked famous soccer players to support this protest and to write to the Ukrainian Embassy in Berlin (http://www.peta.de/web/spitzenfussballer.3804.html). Please take part in their action alert to put pressure on those responsible: http://action.peta.de/ea-campaign/clientcampaign.do?ea.client.id=44&ea.campaign.id=7263. Click on the following link to view photos of the actions in behalf of the homeless animals in Ukraine: http://www.fotos.peta.de/categories.php?cat_id=37“

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    strona główna

    2003-04-04 23:39:39
    be my men....
    1.i've got 3+ for the exam of geography....i want to change it and i hope it'll be better....
    2.click on the button on the left and vote for ma blog...maybe it'll be more popular...
    3.tommorow i want to go with monika to the hairdresser....and after that we want to go to the cinema
    4.today me,monika & łucja,we were rollerskating....i think we spent a good time....

    it's all for now....write something.
    Nic ciekawego,ale moze jak znow dostane wene...moze znow napisze cos po angielsku...nie wiem...zobaczymy...pozdrawiam
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    2003-04-14 15:04:08
    this note is for you....
    yes...i want to announce that probably during this week i'll change this lay...
    i'm after school but i had to go there once more because i've got french...
    ok...i go now....bye
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    2003-04-19 00:38:26
    kolejny szablon
    dzisiaj to juz chyba 3 albo 4 szablon na tym blogu...obecny jest przejsciowy(mianowicie mam zamiar zrobic to,co zrobilam z pierwszym blogiem-jak chcecie sie czegos dowiedziec to tam.

    Prof. Krzysztof Klincewicz

    Process management (IBP) - results and consulting assignment
    Results of assignments and midterm exam have been updated in the spreadsheet. Below you will find detailed description of the consulting assignment and tasks assigned to each team. We will meet on Wednesday, 13.04.2011 at 4 pm in room C104 to discuss the project. Please click on the link below marked "Więcej >>" in order to continue reading the post.
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