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Christmas cards

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Konferencja w Gorzowie Wielkopolskim 20.04.2010

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  • Szymon w Peru

    Observations are that the people drinking wine on the street use a glass (It’s a bit different than in Poland – if you drink a wine in a park you do it straightly from a bottle, by the way you have to always take care of police control.)

    the Christmas decoration by the sunny weather and green trees (in Poland there is almost always snow in Christmas time, this year it has snowed already at the 2nd of November)

    Day by day we are visiting Barcelona, not only the touristic.

    The views from our flat

    As you see, there is a monument nearby – we have no idea who is it. But we know this one

    This is Christophe Colomb, does anybody knows what is he pointing at?

    Another fotos from the city
    The cathedra and the ghoasts inside

    Barcelona of Gaudi

    Aliens on the street

    Markets on the street. We especially liked the chess and the the playing cards used as prices

    life goes on, it gets so heavy. - Onet.pl Blog


    24. start over again.


    press PLAY-let's start Christmas!


    ostatnio zastanawiałam się, po co komu słowo "przepraszam"..


    I'mma try to be a big girl now,

    and big girls don't cry.


    (c) paula.





    23. you can pull all the cards, but I won't back down.