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Brother in arms

Jesiona strzępki

    Styczeń 2003
  • Grudzień 2002
  • Listopad 2002

is indeed nothing scandalous in this affair

I don’t think I introduced you to my boyfriend? He’s proposing this New Year’s Eve and I’m saying Yes.

SMS od Tiny:
Mmmm! Very nice! Big strong arms! Has he got a brother……? x

Email do Tiny (dzisiaj):
I am glad you approve of my fianceeee

Email od Tiny:
Phwoar!!!!  Where did you find them?

Email do [...]

.że większość ludzi dobrze życzy mi w to bardzo mocno wierzę.

Do domu, pies biega. robię herbatę. bo w końcu herbata czarna myśli rozjaśnia (a może to myśli były czarne, nie herbata, tak czy siak tam coś czarnego było)

włączę sobie telewizor. Na TVNie powtórki czasem lecą.


To przynajmnej big brothera 4136 sobie zobacze z jolą rutowicz w roli głównej.

swiat-zofii 2009-08-26 19:51:47
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powiedz że się boisz.
ciężki wieczór, noc i poranek dzień kolejny. stuck in the middle with you. w sumie nie mam nic przeciwko. cofamy czas. mówisz jakbyś codziennie to robił.


nic więcej chyba dziś nie napiszę.
swiat-zofii 2009-08-29 17:34:37
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Oh Sister.
Oh sister when I come to lie in your arms
You should not treat me like a stranger
Our Father would not like the way that you act
And you must realize the danger.

Oh sister am I not a brother to you

Trapped in a box

Them apart. She bites Charlotte and uses her blood to revive. D fights Carmila’s spirit, while Meier destroys what’s left of her physical form. Meier mourns his beloved as she dies in his arms. Carrying Charlotte, still determined to take her to the stars, he is interrupted by D, who crosses swords with him. D acquires her ring, and finally agrees to let Meier take her, since she is.Not aimed as a continuation of Vampire Hunter D, rather, it was based off of a different novel.


A beautiful girl is stolen from her bedroom at night and whisked away in a carriage. Having no luck in finding her, her father and brother resort to hiring vampire hunters to search her out and return her to them. They hire a well-known team of humans, then they hire D (a half vampire) as well for good measure. The hunters.


Flitting round his eyes
poor little thing is crying "Mammy"

go to sleep
don't you cry
rest your head upon the clover
rest your head upon the clover
in your dreams
you shall ride
while your Mammy's watching over

blacks and bays
and dapples and greys
all the pretty little horsies
all the pretty little.Z brzmieniem tej piosenki.

I nikt inny tylko ty - tylko śpij.

I nikt tak nie powie ...

LULLABY – New Model Army z Strange Brotherhood

So where do we begin? It must be thirty-five years . . .
You've the breath of my mother, the life of a stranger;
and there's so much to tell - so much I need to know.
All of the stories, and reasons . . .
But your face I remember and your breath I remember. . .
Take me in your arms, take me in your arms

So go out tonight and look up at the stars,
the light that you see is as old as I am.
And that's what I see, when I gaze in your eyes. . .