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Birthday wishes

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Nick -> Miscast
Birthday -> 26.06.1982r.
Sight -> Dog / Cancer
An angel from heaven sent
her beauty paralyzed your mind
her body is perfect
she smiles at you
you are trapped in your own dream

she gives you everything you need
but she hurts you all the time
she tortures your soul
she wishes you in a cage
and she never lets you out

she's the devil in disguise
see the seduction in her eyes
she makes you happy for this night
but she will destroy your life
she's the devil she's a whore
she doesn't care about your.

I'm waiting for you...

Rest In Peace Baby Girl
.:::In Loving Memory:::.

P.s. Dzisiaj osiemnastkę obchodzą słynne bliźniaczki:
Mary-Kate i Ashley Olsen!
Happy Birthday!

This life's the last endeavour, to find the missing lifeline... Nightwish -Nemo-

*Date* 2004-06-17
*Temps* 18:21:14
*Auteur* Nieobliczalna
*Thème*And teach me, never let go of me
Because you're half of me my heart still beats
because you're half of me my heart still beats

To już niedługo...

This life's the last endeavour, to find the missing lifeline... Nightwish -Nemo-

Book of Wishes


czasami bloguję w ChRL, poczytaj

Off at the campus' gate waiting for friends to gather and walk together to the cheap Italian restaurant nearby. waiting with a few friends among whom the only Polish in our party bunch was Iza, i opened a tiny tiny bottle of Wodka Zoladkowa Gorzka i brought to China (which i got my last birthday as part of "Chinese survival kit" from Tuja, Ela D. and Julia K. & others) so as to keep the warmth inside our throats, hearts and stomachs (eventually to heat up the brain with better blood circualtion). but the freez-feel we had experienced by the school,.I meet Gosia and Pawel briefly by the cloakroom, taking their jackets, don't take off yours, go outside the the terrace, ha, we've no fireworks, but only zimne ognie (i don't know what's the name in English!), yeay! New Year has come! kisses, hugs, sips of vodka, cigarettes, wishes, let's go get some booze, let's dance. Dima was totally Russian with his Chinese fur hat and suddenly became a superstar of the place - all the Chinese girls were taking photos of him (got their email addresses?), Joyce was a lolly-pop dealer. i was going crazy shaking.

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Pozdro dla mojego kolegi Rumianina:P,który ma zrąbistego psa i ćwiczenia(góra,dół):P
Dzieks Wielkie również dla Ewelinki:*:*:*Powodzenia z nowych partnerem lady:D
Marlence za komentarzyk cudowny:*:*
i Asi K. za całusa:*
Wishes to all!!!
p.s.Moje drogi Witominianki=>ważna sprawa.....I'll call!


vapp 2005-05-11 15:03:55
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:Happy Birthday:

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!Ważna sprawa bo dzisiaj moja wspaniała Witominianka CZerwony Kapturek ma urodziny!!!!!!Życzę Ci abyś zawsze była taka super, żebyś pomagała mi w referatach i spr(:P)!Żebyś jeszcze mogła pojeździć na motorze z new boyem!