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Being human us

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Close my eyes and hide my face.

I don't want discrib to see, those tears that running down my theeks.

I'm too ashamed to show I'm weak, but after all I'm only a girl,

a human being who has a heart and I have right to get emotional.

I will slang the doors, or shout at loud.

I'm the one who walks out of here proud.

you'r the one to lose,.

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Był zwykłą bateryjką – dokładnie tak(ą) jak w matrixie...

„The matrix is a computer generated dream world built to keep us under control in order to change a human being into this”

„Stop. Let me out. Let me out. I want out.”

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2004-01-23 22:39:39 >> Mmm...



Ludzie rodzą się wolni i równi pod względem swej godności i swych praw.

10.12.2010 :: 08:28
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Not so serious God, and so pathetic human…

Ukazał się drukiem w języku angielskim (wydanie dwujęzyczne) tomik wierszy Wiesława Zielińskiego “Żart Pana Boga” (Wydawnictwo Dreams), a w nim na.

Philosophy of life with the readers in a proper to him straightforward and direct way. The author does it in a totally honest way and doesn’t juggle with platitudes and banalities. We got used to that so-called fundamental life ideology needs to be a collection of platitudes. It doesn’t need to. His thought is not so bookish, not invented at the green desk, not taken from.Seem to be so funny. In a poem From the secrets of meditation he writes:
            Created in the image and likeness of
            the Divine Being, we are born in a similar way
            as the body gets rid of
            the stinking digestion waste.

      Isn’t that an.


My love for you a mystery

Different country
You and I have always lived in a different country
And I know that airline tickets don't grow on-a-tree
So what kept us apart is plain for me to see
That much at least is not really a mystery

Taken a violent dislike to me
I'd be foolish to ignore the possibility
That if we.That's not the only problem that I can see...

Dead since 1997
You've been dead now . . . wait a minute, let me see
Eleven years come next Jan-yoo-a-ree
As a human being you are history

So why do I still long for you?
Why is my love so strong for you?
Why did I write this song for you?
Well, I guess it's just... a.