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Barcelona weather

I think it's time to blow the scene, so everybody get in stock together,ok 3 2 1 lets jam!

Bis, lub jak kto woli, nie jade na ryby a jestem chory ? lub moze - ide do dentysty :) Super ! :D

Tak wiec ja romantick goku ;) koncze ta notke i daje zdjatko, nie smieszne ale przynajmniej nie wyszedlem tak paskudnie jak na wszesniejszych :)

Na glowce mam czapeczke ORGINALNA Fc Barcelony - wujek mi ja podarowal po pobycie w Hiszpani razem z meymaczkiem ( ale mu zazdroszcze ;)) ) . Hyhy...
Wyraz mojej twarzy jest iscie zastanawiajacy. Bowiem czemu ktos w wakacje w chorwacji moglby byc zmartwiony ? Jak to kto ? Oczywiscie kazdy ! Jak to kazdy :) No kazdy ktoremu wakacje sie.Bowiem bloga czytaja jedynie osoby z klasy, prawda krasnalku ? :-)

Tradycyjnie pozdrowienia dla meymaka, kochanej siostrzyczki - nie dam twojego adresu na moim blogu bo sie do ciebie zwali cholota :-) Aha, zapomnialbym dodac - bez urazy :-)hyhyhy ...

Cya, may the force, beautiful weather, money, family be with you. what a cheese ! :D Hyhy little english isnt bad idea at all :-) Maybe i will wrote all my nots in english, what you think ? :-)

Oh i will sent cya also for gosia 15 15 years old becuase we are speaking in english too, right gosia ? :-) Oh and one thing, i am.


Back in time

fuck! i was writing this note when suddenly whole eletricy went down in some bigger area – not only my office! anyway... i've started again.
yesterday night was sooooo good. warm evening – walking thru the city with my friends. i felt as if i were on my first night in barcelona few months ago – walking round barri gothic with julia and peter, talking, drinking rum+cola, consuming this amazing city by my eyes, ears, nose – all of the senses.
we went to our friend’s office at mathemathic institute at 10 pm – you should see his face! he was so.Take care of my lovely claretta!
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what a wonderful world

can you hear that song? i can :)
clara is getting better - she turned out to be tough muthafakka!
finally got some message from my sweetie.
the weather is fine.
today i'm gonna meet my friendz and play some rpg after extremely long break, most probably smoke some really good shit :)
i've been so nervous and overacting last few days. i've been just overloaded with so many emotions. but now...i just need one good spliff and everything's.

...::: Sunrise Avenue :::... - Onet.pl Blog

Getting to the center and finding the hotel. I don't know London THAT much, but Jukka's been here a zillion times. I will let him guide me…

Part II

Thursday, July 31

We are somewhere above Amsterdam on our way back home. The trip was very great. Feels like I have been on holiday. The weather was just awesome and the locals say you don't get that every time in London. And so where the shops. We all have the biggest Rimowa suitcases and they were half empty on the way there. This morning I had to sit on mine to get it closed. But if the stuff you push into your bags is from All Saints,.London. I found them wanna-be trendy idiots, but now I understand. There is this something when you really dive into the beat of the streets. And the guys are just great looking. We were in the worst 5% with Jukka…;) And the area of Brick Lane is just awesome. A bit like the best and most mixed places in Barcelona.

So 3 points for weather, 3 for shops 2 for great night sleeps and finally the last 2 points (total 10, on scale 1-10) come from the restaurants. Amazing dining. No matter if you got to Soho and just pick any Italian, or just stay near Bond Street, anywhere you eat, the food is just.

A world to discover…

September 26, 2010

Well, it feels like summer is truly over now:  everyone is back from their holidays, the children are back at school, and then there’s the weather…

To o tej porze roku jeszcze raz, na północnej półkuli Ziemi dni są coraz krótsze i chłodniejsze, liście zmieniają kolor, zwierzęta migrują i zbiory są w toku. Gdy przychodzi wrzesień myślimy o nadchodzącej zimie. Nie dostrzegamy uroków.

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