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You left it, I sent it 
I want it back 
You left it, I sent it 
I want it back 

If I had you here, I'd clip your wings 
Snap you up and leave you sprawling on my pin 
This plan of mine is oh so very lame 
Can't you see the grass is greener where it rains 

You left, I died, 
I went and you cried 
You came, I think 
But I never really know 
I've served my time 
I've watched you climb 
The wrong incline 
But what do I know 

Accept it, Don't let it 
Turn the screw 
Accept it, And let it 
Scream back at you 

Now this applies both equally to you and I 
The only thing we share 
Is the same sky 
These empty metaphors 
They're all in vain 
Like can't you see the grass is greener where it rains 

In the garden Snake was a charmin' 
And Eve said let's give it a try 
Now lead us not into temptation 
But no matter how hard I try 
When in the garden and 
Snake is a charmin' 
And Eve says let's give it a.

Życie jest zmianą. Jeśli przestaniesz się zmieniać, przestaniesz żyć!


if i'm a bad person, you don't like me
i guess i'll go, make my own way
it's a circle
a mean cycle
i can't excite you anymore
where's your gavel? your jury?
what's my offense this time?
you're not a judge but if you're gonna judge me
well sentence me to another life.

don't wanna hear your sad songs
i don't wanna feel your pain
when you swear it's all my fault
cause you know we're not the same
oh we're not the same
the friends who stuck together
we wrote our names in blood
but i guess you can't accept that the change is good
it's good

you treat me just like another stranger
well it's nice to meet you sir
i guess i'll go
i best be on my way out

ignorance is your new best friend

this is the best thing that could've happened
any longer and i wouldn't have made it
it's not a war no, it's not a rapture
i'm just a person but you can't take it
the same tricks that once fooled me
they won't get you anywhere
i'm not the same kid from your memory
now i can fend for myself

don't wanna hear your sad songs
i don't wanna.

wuhaigrek blog

i lost this hatred somehow.
i don't want revenge anymore.
i want to be with you and that's all.

for months there was a lot of tension between us, you didn't trust me at all, i didn't trust you. but we talked... but we went through few things... and now i'm slowly realising you feel for me. and i shouldn't doubt it.

so gg. said - look, you and przepiekny - there is sth between you two. and i'm going to tell you sth as a bloke - her feels much more for you than you think he feels. i'd never do these things for somebody as he did if i wouldn't be in love.

slowly i'm learning to accept that somebody may love me. i don't know how and i don't know why.
i'm a piece of shit and everybody knows that.

but when he's around, i'm the happiest piece of shit i could ever be.
see, i'm crying now.

i can deal with all sorts of shite.
i can imagine i'm getting over the worst pain ever, worst tragedies in my life.

yet, i can't imagine you and me saying goodbye.
i can't think of me moving out or you moving out, i FUCKING HATE THIS DAY WHEN THIS WILL HAPPEN, I WISH IT.

Różowy blog

Się zaczyna

Ten tydzień zapowiada się bardzo pracowicie i mam nadzieję, że skończy się dla mnie dobrze. Trudno jest jednak decydować samemu o wszystkim i jednak prawdą jest, że czasami należy dać pokierować się losowi i pozwolić mu zdecydować za nas.

Wszystkiego najlepszego dla Bobra! Wielu pozytywnych chwil w życiu!

09:43, pimpolina
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środa, 29 sierpnia 2007
... cz.2

Mam wrażenie, że to wszystko co się dzieje to tylko i wyłącznie moja wina i mój własny głupi wybór.

Nawet nie chce mi się już pisać! Obiecuję poprawę, kiedyś.

20:15, pimpolina
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wtorek, 28 sierpnia 2007

"I can accept failure but I can't accept not trying" powiedział kiedyś ktoś, kto osiągnął w.